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  1. fish82

    Choose Your Quarantine House

    Saw this on Twitter. Obviously the answer is #5, but was just curious what wrong opinions were out there.
  2. fish82

    DNC files lawsuit against, well...pretty much everybody Debate Question: On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being Low Butthurt and 10 being Maximum Tear-Stained Butthurt...where does this rank...
  3. fish82

    Bunbury 2016 Good lineup, IMO. I'm down for: Florence Killers Monsters & Men Wombats Grizfolk Elle King X Ambassadors
  4. fish82

    Justice Scalia is Dead

    Piss poor timing, dude. :(
  5. fish82

    Boehner Leaving Congress in October

    Pretty stoked about this, TBH. It's time.
  6. fish82

    GMC>>>Da Fed

    Just sayin. :laugh:
  7. fish82

    Brakeman's Out