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  1. MickeyMantle

    D2 R8: No. 6 Anderson (7-2) at No. 2 La Salle (6-2)

    The Anderson *******s and the La Salle Lancers meet for the first time in the playoffs. Thoughts?
  2. MickeyMantle

    La Salle Football All-Decade Team

    Folks, it's been a hell of a decade with FOUR state football titles and some future La Salle HOFers. Help fill out the all-decade team for 2010-2019. 1st Team Offense QB: 1 RB: 2 OL: 5 TE: 1 WR: 2 Kick Returner: 1 Place Kicker: 1 1st Team Defense DL: 4 LB: 4 S: 3 CB: 2 Punter: 1 2nd Team...
  3. MickeyMantle

    Congratulations, GCL South Co-Player of the Year, Cam Porter

    I've really enjoyed watching this young man play for four years. I especially enjoyed how wonderful he was with my son and his buddy at LS Fotball camp these past couple summers. LINK.
  4. MickeyMantle

    SWO State Champs

    Happy Week 11, SWO. Here's a look back at the local state champs since 2002. Hopefully we get a new state champ this in five weeks.
  5. MickeyMantle

    No. 8 Little Miami (8-2) at No. 1 La Salle (8-2): Week 11 ... The Blevins/Pantling Bowl

    La Salle needs to take care of business early and keep the foot on the gas. Go Lancers!
  6. MickeyMantle


    Hey, Lancer_Reups, TWILLKE, CinciSportsFan, gclrules, Lancermania, LS88Alum, et. al: We have our own forum here and we should use it.
  7. MickeyMantle

    Friday Updates (Week 5)

    La Salle 28, Buffalo St. Joseph 0 in 1Q
  8. MickeyMantle

    GCL South 2019

  9. MickeyMantle

    Cincinnati state champs since 2002

    WCPO looked back at the state football champs the past 15 years. Colerain No. 1 for sure.
  10. MickeyMantle

    Nearly 50K showed up for Region 4 semifinal doubleheader in 2001

    Here's a blast from the past. No chance this many show up these days.
  11. MickeyMantle

    2002 — 15 years already

    A look back at the 2002 state title year
  12. MickeyMantle

    Oct. 14, 1988

    I thought this might interest a few of you: Everything changed in 1988 when Elder ended Moeller's 71-game GCL winning streak
  13. MickeyMantle

    Your Favorite Cincinnati-Area Rivalry

    Cincinnati folks: What is your favorite rivalry?
  14. MickeyMantle

    Worst political speeches of all time

    :laugh: Stark County Republican Party nd_JAo5cfdg :laugh: Howard Dean l6i-gYRAwM0 Your nominees?
  15. MickeyMantle

    Where is Philadelphia?

    How many guys can find Philly on this map?
  16. MickeyMantle

    Playoffs tickets

    Pardon my ignorance, folks ... Does anybody know if a 4-year-old needs a ticket for a playoff game?
  17. MickeyMantle

    La Salle (8-1, 1-1 GCL South) at Elder (6-3, 0-2)

    Lancers trying to be tri-champs and Elder trying to avoid 0-3 in 4CL. I think La Salle by 7.
  18. MickeyMantle

    La Salle (7-1) at Winton Woods (4-3)

    Since nobody else would create it... I think La Salle by 7-10. I've seen La Salle twice (Northwest and Moeller) and Winton Woods once (Mason). The Lancers look very good and probably should have beaten X if not for some boneheadedness. WW was decidedly unimpressive against Mason, but I'm...
  19. MickeyMantle

    Debating Work Outs

    Why? Because they don't cater to meatheads? :laugh:
  20. MickeyMantle

    What to do with the DH?

    I'm not a fan of the DH, but I realize the Players Union will never allow for it to be eliminated. With an interleague game taking place every day now, I guess it's time to bring it to the NL. Thoughts?