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  1. bkmk1

    Brecksville at Stow

    Anyone have 1 ticket to sell? PM me. Thanks.
  2. bkmk1

    Wadsworth at Stow

    Looking to buy 1 ticket. Pay double the ticket price. DM/PM me. Thanks.
  3. bkmk1

    Hudson at Brecksville

    I am looking to buy 1 ticket for this game. DM/PM me. I will pay double the ticket price. Thanks.
  4. bkmk1

    Cancelled tonight?

    Is the Avon vs. Avon Lake game postponed till tomorrow at 7:00?
  5. bkmk1

    Avon at Avon Lake

    Anyone have 1 ticket for this game they would sell? I will pay double the cost of the ticket. DM me. Thanks
  6. bkmk1

    Happy Fathers Day

    I want to wish all of the YAPPI posters a Happy Fathers Day. I hope everyone has a relaxing and awesome day. God Bless ALL dads past and present!
  7. bkmk1

    Better game and why?

    Man am I torn on which game to go see Friday. Hoban vs. Massillon or St. Ed's vs. Mentor. Looking for as many opinions on which game to go to and why they believe it's the better game. Thanks.
  8. bkmk1

    Brecksville at Wadsworth

    Thoughts on who will win and how these teams match up with any score predictions.
  9. bkmk1

    State Finals Dates

    The OHSAA website shows the state championship games are Nov 29 - Dec 2. That would mean games on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I'm pretty sure that has to be a typo. Shouldn't it say: Nov 29-Dec 1? And if so, OHSAA needs to fix their website.
  10. bkmk1

    Mentor vs. St Edward

    OK, time to dedicate a thread strictly about the Mentor vs. St. Ed's game. Winner? Why ? Predictions? Thoughts?
  11. bkmk1

    Week 13 disappointment

    I am excited about the games for week 12. But I, like many, am livid about OHSAA eliminating Saturday playoff games. So with that being said, I am already looking ahead to week 13. And the possibility that these could be the week 13 matchups. St. Ed's vs. St. Ignatius - D1R1 Barberton vs. Hoban...
  12. bkmk1

    Better game: Iggy/Euclid - Mentor /Ed's?

    Which game will be the better game. As much as I would love for them to be close games, my gut says in the end, Ignatius and Ed's will be too much and will by at least 2-3 TD's. Thoughts?
  13. bkmk1

    Wadsworth at Hudson

    Looking for peoples input and opinions regarding this game. Low scoring? High scoring? Blowout? Close game? I was reading the thread for Barberton at Highland. They make that game sound appealing. But I would like input on this game and then decide which game would be the better game to go see...
  14. bkmk1

    Hudson at Stow on Thursday?

    All the schedules I see have Hudson at Stow this coming week on Thursday 8/12. Can anyone confirm that it is on Thursday? And if so, why?
  15. bkmk1

    Stow vs. Eds

    1. I would love to hear opinions on this game. Who is going to win. Why they think that team will win. And will it be a good game or great game that goes down the the wire. 2. I would also love opinions on which game people feel will be the better/closer game. Stow vs. Eds. Or Iggy vs Solon...
  16. bkmk1

    Copley vs Hudson.

    Does anyone know what is up with Hudson star M. Restifo. He has missed the last game or 2 as well as a few others during the season. Will he be playing Friday vs. Copley?
  17. bkmk1

    Hudson question

    I have been to 2 Hudson games this year. Restifo played in 1 of the 2. He did not play Friday vs Brecksville. I also know that he missed other games during the season. What is his status for the playoffs? Anyone know whether he is in or out for week 11 as well as beyond if they were to win? I...
  18. bkmk1

    Hudson at Brecksville opinions

    I am trying to decide what game to come to Ohio from Erie, Pa to see this Friday. My question is can Brecksville give Hudson a good game? Appreciate peoples opinions and thoughts. Thanks.
  19. bkmk1

    Avon Lake at Midview

    Need some honest opinions. Can Avon Lake hang with Midview? I'm assuming it will be a ton of passing. But will it be a good game?
  20. bkmk1

    Solon Comets

    It's been awhile since anyone has posted anything regarding Solon football. As a HS football fan of all Ohio HS football, I read yappi a lot, and many times I get some great inside info. Well I'm writing regarding the Solon QB situation. From memory, the last thing I remember reading was that...