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    Has anyone in Hamilton County signed up for Smart911? In response to the Kyle Plush tragedy the City of Cincinnati has added Smart911 to their 911 service. Smart911 helps 9-1-1 protect your family by providing more information to first responders. You have to register at where you...
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    Our Lady of Victory New Pastor

    Our Lady of Victory has a new pastor, those of you who have abandoned the parish in the last twelve years may want to give it another chance. Fr. Ben is extremely likeable. He comes to Victory after overseeing a period of growth at The Anthenaeum of Ohio that is unheard of in recent history...
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    GCL Irrelevant?

    Has the GCL become irrelevant? When I come to the football forum and see not one thread about the GCL or a GCL team on the first page I have to wonder............:shrug:
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    Baseball Mit or Baseball Glove?

    Major pet peeve of mine. Which is it?
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    GCL Meet

    I was disappointed to see the officials at tonight's GCL meet take some of the fun out of it by stopping the the kids from running back and forth across the football field to cheer on their teammates on the track. This has been a "tradition" of sorts over the years at this meet and for some...
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    Doppler Tim Will Be Missed

    I guess this won't mean much outside SWO but we lost a good man yesterday. "Doppler Tim" Hedrick lost his long battle with an undisclosed illness yesterday. He was a great weatherman and an even better human. He will be missed. Doppler Tim Hedrick Was More Than Our Weather Authority
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    CUP's Cameron Porter Scores His 1st MLS Goal

    I saw this on the Cincinnati Enquirer's website today, I'm sure many of you know this kid from Centerville who played for CUP............... Cameron Porter Makes Impact
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    DEAD: Cincinnati's Own Daniel von Bargen....

    better known as Mr. Kruger on Seinfeld. z6kVBGeQeR4 I never knew that Mr. Kruger was from Cincinnati. Just another reason SWO >∞NEO RIP Mr. Kruger.
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    Joe Acito Scholarship Fundraiser

    I heard Brian Combs mention this on 700 WLW this morning so I dug a little bit and found this for those who may be interested in attending: An Evening of Baseball: Acito on the Mound More Information Can Be Found Here And here is the story the movie is based on..........
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    What's Up With IUDOGS?

    What is IUDOGS game? Who has time to go through post season awards and then check the recipients against their school's roster on Maxpreps. Is this guy looney or does he just have too much time on his hands?
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    Elder Basketball 1961!

    Another nice article by Adam Baum (class of 2006): Glory Days: Elder's 1961 Hoops Team Set The Standard What other great basketball teams in Elder's history should be remembered? Let's discuss Elder's storied basketball history in this thread.
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    Norwood OH Mayor Supports Cops, Alienates Some Black Leaders

    Norwood Ohio's mayor published a letter in support of his police department but did he go too far? Norwood Ohio Mayor Supports His Police Department Some African-American activist leaders are now calling for a boycott of Norwood Businesses (like they have any control over what the mayor says)...
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    Anti-police Activist Changes Tune

    I always wondered how realistic these use of force training sessions could be when you have no real threat of losing your life but the results you will see here are very interesting: yfi3Ndh3n-g Watch the interview the next day to see how this experience changed Reverend Maupin's message...
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    Large snake slithering around delhi

    SIX FOOT BOA CONSTRICTOR WANDERS OFF DURING FEEDING :eek: Delhisians keep your pets and small children indoors!
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    What's Going On With The Soccer Program?

    I see over on the Boys Soccer Forum that Elder's head soccer coach, Dave Ruehl, resigned last week. Anybody know what's going on with the soccer program and why Dave Ruehl would resign at this late date?
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    Elder Track & Field GCL Champs!

    Congratulations to the athletes and coaches for a total team win. Good luck next week at the district meet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Should The National Guard Be Called Into Lincoln Heights?

    The brand new Lincoln Heights Elementary School has been put on permanent lock down because of increased random violence in Lincoln Heights. This raises a lot of questions for me. Would you send your children to a school that has to be completely locked down on a daily basis? Should the...
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    Coaches Classic - D1

    Thanks to the Yappi crash yesterday the Coaches Classic thread was obliterated so let's get the discussion started all over again. Couldn't ask for better weather than we are getting today for the prelims so maybe we will see some of the first eye opening performances of the new season tonight.
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    How Much Would You Charge To Clean Puke Out of A Car?

    Ripped from the pages of TheBigGulps life, how much would you charge to clean someone's puke out of a car?
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    Senior Diver Mitch Godar

    Nice article about senior diver Mitch Godar on this morning.