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    Deer Park @ Mechanicsburg

    TE was Joe Hocker went to FIU.
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    Last State poll before Tournament draw

    DIII Southwest Ohio is 11th at 3pm.
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    Taking a knee before the National Anthem

    Every member but two or three of Finneytown's Girls team took a knee yesterday in their game at Deer Park.
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    CHL Football 2020

    Saw this on the CHL website: "The SID Game of the Week will be Wyoming at Deer Park. Can Wyoming's regular season streak be stopped? Deer Park has a good as chance as anyone. After three games, the Wildcats have more points than the Cowboys. Wyoming's defense is a different story. They...
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    Top 10 Girl Soccer Players for 2020

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had the list that the Cincinnati Enquirer posted about a week ago with who the top returning girl soccer players were for the up coming season. I saw the article once and when I went back to read it it was gone and I have not been able to find it. Thanks in...
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    Will the 2020 Season Be Played This Year?

    I think before we ask if there will be a 2020 fall season, we need to ask when will contact be allowed in practices. I have not heard anything yet as far as a time line goes for when contact will be allowed, heck football cant even throw the ball at their skills training in our district. I...
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    CHL 2019-2020

    I think that would have to have blinders on to not think that the players are moving to DP to play basketball. Let me say before my next statement that I understand transferring or moving just for athletics is against OHSAA rules, even though I do not agree with it. If all players live in the...
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    CHL 2019-2020

    I saw that the district Taylor is in just closed school tomorrow and Friday. In the release it said all after school events are canceled starting at 330 today. Will this cause Taylor's game Friday at Madeira to be moved or since it is away it will be played. Second if Taylor can't practice...
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    CHL 2019-2020

    He was in street clothes and didn't do any type of on court shooting between games or at half time of JV.
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    CHL 2019-2020

    So if a DP basketball trip to FL is payed for by a booster that has the means to do so why is that a big deal or even needs to be brought up. I am sure IH has had a bunch of people donate money to their school for many many things to include athletics. You say this is not about economic...
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    CHL 2019-2020

    Looking at the games tonight what does everyone think the outcomes will be, my thoughts below: Wyoming @ DP- either Wyoming by 10 or close DP win-DP has to guard the 3 point line better then they have to have shot in this game. Madeira @ Taylor- Taylor by 15 with Austing having at least 25...
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    CHL 2019-2020

    I will be at the DP v Taylor game
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    CHL 2019-2020

    I was at the game also. Having been to a couple DP games last year, Wise didn't look like him self at all, he didn't start either. I don't recall him driving to the basket once or even taking a three, he only had three shots all game. He did have few good lead passes that DP converted for...
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    CHL 2019-2020

    For Wyoming outside of the two very good players in Prater and Walker, who else do they have that will help them finish 1st or maybe second in the CHL or are those two enough.
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    CHL 2019-2020

    So what if a kid went on TV and said I want to go to Moeller to play for coach ??? and win a state title, is that allowed b/c Moller is private or can a student athlete and their family not make a decision based on athletics when moving in to an area, or are they allowed to make the decision...
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    CHL 2019-2020

    So other AD's have put their reputation on the line to report another school for cheating with out having concrete evidence. To me if an AD goes to the OHSAA they better have concrete evidence. Would be just like the boy who cried wolf. If multiple AD's have said something you really think...
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    CHL 2019-2020

    Being someone with no horse in the race I have a quick question. If so many people have proof or 100% know that a coach, AD, and school district has violated many, many OHSAA rules, why have they not been reported? It just seems that if this has been going on for 4 seasons now someone...
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    Tournament Draw

    My thoughts, Division 1 Beavercreek vs. Miamisburg St. Ursula vs. Lebanon Centerville vs. Sidney Loveland vs. Mason Anderson vs. MND Seton vs. Mercy McAuley Springboro vs. Carroll Lakota West vs. Ursuline Division 2 Fenwick vs. Oakwood Wyoming vs. Ross Anna vs. Milton-Union Alter vs. Chaminade...
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    Moeller gives players $2000 tuition credit to work summer camp

    My school ran a youth soccer camp, and I know for a fact no student made any money for working 3 plus hours a day for 5 days. This was joint effort by the boys and girls soccer team, there was around 20 soccer players working each day. I would hate to have to pay the fees for a camp that would...