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    DII Northeast District Bracket, Schedule, Seeds, Discussion

    D2 has a lot of very good teams packed into the NE, especially now that Bay is in there too. It's gonna be fun to watch how it all goes.
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    Mooney vs ursuline

    ^^^ It's essentially a d**k swinging contest between a couple folks with deep pockets. Meanwhile the students and staff they 'service' twist in the wind. Maybe before we are dead we will see a Youngstown Central Catholic. Probably not though.
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    Mooney vs ursuline

    10 years ago it was Ursuline that everyone thought was a mess and in trouble Whoops
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    Taking a knee before the National Anthem

    I wasn't sure.
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    will there be a postseason?

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    Taking a knee before the National Anthem

    The premier league plays a national anthem? I think you are mistaken
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    Has Anyone Tried to Buy Ammo Lately?

    Almost fell out of my chair. High comedy. Well done sir.
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    Taking a knee before the National Anthem

    Refereed about a dozen games and seen 7 more in person. Haven't seen it yet.
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    2020 Predictions & favorites

    If they are better than last year that will be something. D2 will be fun to watch again this year
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    2020 Predictions & favorites

    D2 seems to be the most poised for changes due to any enrollment adjustments. Both finalists were very close to D1. Howland graduates a lot. Not sure about Tipp City. DeSales could move back down to D2. Lexington was in the final four but graduated about a dozen kids I believe. I'm sure...
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    The future of EdChoice

    nonstop comedy here see you in a few days
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    What makes a coach successful?

    recruiting more recruiting good assistants good support from the AD and the administration
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    The future of EdChoice

    Considering most of the comments on these 3 pages I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say almost none of you work in education, live in a failing district, have used EdChoice or know anyone that does.
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    YSU Football HC Replacing Pelini

    ^^^ I remember him telling my father and I he was leaving Salem for Ohio State. We thought he was full of crap. Found out a few weeks later he wasn't. Interesting career from HS coach to administrator and then back into coaching.
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    YSU Football HC Replacing Pelini

    I still see Tyrell as a major longshot. The YSU job may not be what it was, but it's not an east job. There is pressure with Tressell here and people in this area love their football. Tyrell seems like an insane move.
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    YSU Football HC Replacing Pelini

    Nevada state titles.... LOL
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    Steel Valley Conference

    If people did what made sense in this area this area would be whole lot different.
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    What Movies Did You Watch in January 2020?

    Beautiful Boy 6/8 Family, especially the father, struggles with an addicted son. Tough to watch at times but very well done. Steve Carell is so under rated as a dramatic actor.
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    What TV character is most like you?

    Brodie from Mallrats
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