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    Friday Finals (Week 8)

    Ottawa-Glandorf 38 Defiance 7
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    Ada 74 Delphos Jefferson 70 - box score
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    Disney just rake$ it in.

    Toy Story 4 crossed the $1B mark, the 5th Disney movie to do so in 2019. Frozen 2 and Rise of Skywalker will make it 7.
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    Bowling Green Massacre!

    This takes "alternative facts" to a whole new level. Kellyanne Conway invents a massacre.
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    Ringling Bros. - The circus is over

    "The Greatest Show on Earth" is calling it quits after 146 years.
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    William Christopher - RIP

    2016 claims one last celebrity and for the 2nd year in a row a MASH star dies on New Years Eve.
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    Group of 5 considering own playoff

    Not a bad idea, this isn't basketball.
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    Do you take all your vacation days?

    More than half don't I take every single day of mine.
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    Goodbye Mean Streak

    Cedar Point will be tearing down the Mean Streak in the fall. Liked it when I was younger, but age didn't do it (or me) any favors.
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    Texas high school makes playoffs at 0-10

    I don't ever wanna read whining about Canadian harbins, private schools, etc ever again. Take "districting" and shove it in your ear. We've got it pretty good.
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    Bradford cancels season

    Bradford has canceled their varsity season after their conference voted not to play them over safety concerns.