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    D1 Canton

    I just found out that WQKT out of Wooster isn't doing their game at Boardman tonight. Anybody know if a Boardman or a Youngstown station is carrying it? Thanks for any help.
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    2020 Classic in the Country

    On their Facebook page, WSC claims to be ranked 10th nationally by ESPN. I can't find the poll. MaxPreps has them at 24-2. Yes, already 26 games. They have a scheduled game in NC on January 17th. Games at the CitC on the 18th and 19th. They have games back in their state on both the 20th...
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    Division V - Region 18 Championship: Orrville (11-1) vs. Oak Harbor (12-0)

    Boy, do I wish I'd seen those three guys from Genoa that were as good as Parks. I had no idea that Jimmy Brown, O. J. Simpson, and Barry Sanders all went to that high school. At the same time.
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    2019 OHSAA Tournament

    Only about $120 to watch the state tournament. Thanks, OHSAA, Spectrum.
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    2019 Ohio High School Football Broadcast Schedule (Week 11 - Playoffs)

    $10 a game from Spectrum is total garbage.
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    Week 4: Fairless (2-1, 0-0) at Orrville (3-0, 0-0)

    Thanks for putting the video up! I remember listening to that game but had no idea YouTube had a video. Geeze, those jackhammers called him ZEE-wick? C'mon, do a little pregame research.
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    Week 3: Orrville (2-0, 0-0) at West Holmes (1-1, 0-0)

    Great nickname for Parks! Alan Iverson was "The Answer". There was a phenom girl basketball recruit who was simply known as "The Remedy". :) Parks can simply be "the RB" (lower case is even cooler). All other running backs need to step aside, especially if this kid keeps growing.
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    State Tournament Streaming

    Can anyone tell me if the state tournament games will be streamed by anyone? I'd especially like to see the D3 semifinal between Hiland and Africentric.
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    State Tournament Finals - Boys and Girls - TV

    STO did not televise the football championship games last fall. Does anyone have any information on the televising of the Boys and Girls Basketball Championship games this season?
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    Canton District Division I

    Does anyone know for sure if Massillon is going to pitch Machamer on Monday night, or will they hold him back until Tuesday night's potential meeting with Jackson? Thinking about going over to watch if he's throwing.
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    I used to be able to go to to find out the scores. Search by school, see the results, in any sport. This season, at least for the schools that I'm interested in, nobody is entering this information. Is there another source out there where this information can be found? I like to...
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    2011 Norwayne - Kenton DVD

    I'd like to get a hold of a DVD of this game. I know there's full game video on YouTube, but it's not the actual broadcast. Does anyone have one of these in their possession or know if it is possibly for sale? I've looked on the OHSAA and Sports Time Ohio sites and can't find anything.
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    Wanted: Good State Tournament Tickets

    I'm looking to purchase two very good tickets to each of Thursday's girls' semifinal sessions: DIII and DII. I'm putting this out there early, but I only want to make the purchase if both Orrville and West Holmes win on Saturday. I'm interested in very good seats, downstairs, first ten to...
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    December 27th: West Holmes @ Wooster

    Does anyone know for sure if this game is still on tonight?
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    2013 Classic in the Country

    The schedule for the 2013 CitC is below. Once again, it looks like Saturday's games are the most interesting, especially for local fans. Three area teams will be playing: Orrville, West Holmes, and Hiland. Plus, you have Kelsey Mitchell making her third appearance in Berlin in game four. Two...
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    Northeast D1 District at Walsh University

    Two months ago, I'd have said that Canton McKinley would have an easy route through this district. Now they have three losses, including one each to league, and district, rivals Lake and Perry. While Perry's record is unspectacular, Lake remains undefeated. Throw Wooster (one loss by one point...