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    What if .....

    With all the unknown and whether there will be a fall sports season or not, here is a question. Let's say that soccer gets started late and there becomes a 10-12 game regular season. What happens to the transfer rule? Would transfers play the first five or six games and then be done? Would...
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    Cross County Conference 2019-2020

    Yes Mack retired from his principal position and basketball coach. Justin Roeth played for East and was also jv coach a number of years ago under Mack. So the zone may not go away after all. Also Roeth's son is one of the talented East 8th graders along with Curtis Enis's son.
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    Dayton D3 Boys Soccer

    With your comment lack of discipline were you meaning on the field positionally or players (and/or coaches) out of it mentally or mouthy.
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    Missing Sidney Player

    Watched Sidney scrimmage recently I and I did not see a talented scorer they had before. Thought he was young enough to be a returner this season. Anyone know his whereabouts?
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    New Eligibility Question

    Player B transferred last winter as an open enrollment student to a new public school this fall. He is a multiple sport athlete and plays golf and soccer. Obviously because of the start dates golf begins earlier and can reach the halfway point quicker. By this reaching the halfway point...
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    New Transfer Rule Question

    Trying to make sure I understand new transfer rule. Boy A played at a public high school for his freshmen and sophomore years. Boy A moves to another city. Does not want to play at the public school there but would rather play at the private school in town. Boy A would be eligible to play...
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    Division 3 SWDAB Change

    Just noticed that on the SWDAB website that the sectionals have changed again. Before the enrollment recount it was South, Central, and North. After the enrollment count it was South, Central, and North. All of a sudden as of Friday it is now South and Dayton. Does anyone know why the switch...
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    New District in DIII

    Just saw on the SWDAB website that the DIII districts have been realigned. There is now three districts, South, Central, and North. Thoughts on the redistricting?