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    Are Freshman and JV teams allowed to keep playing games after week six?

    Will Freshman and JV teams be able to pickup games after week six when the playoffs start? Thanks
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    Anyone know the procedures on playoffs ?

    How many teams will be in each region? Will the top teams get byes? If no byes will it be 1 vs 8 or 1 vs 16? Thanks, sorry if this posted somewhere , i couldn't find it.
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    Will we have any summer or fall wrestling tournaments?

    Will we have any summer or fall wrestling tournaments? Or do we keep our fingers crossed and hope for December.
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    Need help and input on a baseball press box

    Looking to have a press box put in out our baseball field. Are there any companies in Ohio that do this ? If you have any names, phone numbers or hirstory with having on put in please share it . Thanks !
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    Head Coaching job open

    What head baseball jobs are open and who are the front runners for them?
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    Olentangy junior high wrestling district

    Sunday February 11, 2018 Live Results at Early- Saturday February 10, 2018 Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm (All Weights) Sunday February 11, 2018 Time: 7:00am-8:00am (All Weights) Sunday February 11, 2018 Time: 11:00am – Noon Weights 126-249 Wrestling Start Time: 9:30am (Weight...
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    Who are the best inter city schools ?

    Who are the best inter city schools in the big city's in Ohio? Cincinnati- Dayton- Columbus- Akron- Cleveland-
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    What Central Ohio school is on the move up ?

    With Olentangy Liberty the king of the OCC's and central Ohio. What high school has a bright future and will be able to compete with them the next 3-5 years ? Dublin Coffman- They are very very good this year, the roster is loaded with seniors. Demas will back next year. Delaware- another...
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    Cardington Jr. High Wrestling Tournament- 1/23

    What teams will be at the Cardington Jr. High tournament ?
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    Tips needed on weight cutting

    I need some advice and tips on weight cutting, anyone have any tricks that I don't know about ? Thanks !
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    Counting Bye's as Win's ?

    Does your team count a Bye as a win ? I can understand counting a forfeit in a dual meet as a win, but a bye in for example a round robin or pool tourney. Doesn't seem right.
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    Canton Timken Tournament- 12/27/14

    What teams will be at the Canton Timken Tournament on Saturday December 27th ?
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    Can a 6th grader wrestle Div III grade school ?

    I saw a wrestler today at a jr high district wrestling. The same wrestler won a grade school district in division III a few weeks ago. He's in 6th grade, can 6th graders wrestle d3 for oac grade school ?
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    Jr high CIT results ?

    I heard Moeller didn't go, does anyone have results ?
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    Wrestling video , help needed.

    How do I get my kids wrestling videos from my I-pad to a disk or my computer ? Thanks
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    Who are some of the top jr. High wrestlers this year

    Any area wrestlers going to win or place at the jr.high state ?
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    Cincinnati Colerain in 2010 ?

    How will Cincinnati Colerain be in 2010 ?
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    How will Hamilton Badin be in 2010 ?

    How will Hamilton Badin be in 2010 ?
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    Cincinnati area top ten Div I

    Who's your top ten ?