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  1. zeeman

    Dang, them polls sure are tightening

    RCP shows some pretty darn close races today
  2. zeeman

    When Biden wins...

    How will he unite the country? I mean I’m sure he is going to say that, but how will he do that if and when they start implementing their agenda? Are we beyond uniting? Is this our future?
  3. zeeman

    Where in the world is Kamala?

    Dems not putting her out there at all 🤷🏿 What’s up with that?
  4. zeeman

    Serious observation

    I’ve worked in geriatrics for the last thirty years and Joe Biden is not well. I’m not talking mentally so much as physically. You can see the gaunt facial features and he has lost weight. These are not good signs and the first thing we look for in the elderly is weight loss. I really believe he...
  5. zeeman

    The Vid, electioneering?

    Look at the facts: Trump in a trade dispute with China for the last several years Biden wins the Dem nomination Biden has proven ties to China Virus mysteriously appears during an election year Virus originated in Wuhan where there is a virology facility Dems early on stating Trump is xenophobic...
  6. zeeman

    So what happens if Biden wins?

    A lot of EO's replacing Trump EO's. Dems will come after Trump with everything they can. Riots will continue as BLM and Antifa are no friends of Biden.Stock market wont react well, at least at first. Taxes will rise. Corona will be a footnote by 2021. We will become energy dependent again and...
  7. zeeman

    Any protests or NBA players kneeling for this? Didn’t think so
  8. zeeman

    Donnie and Joey

    Donnie brokered a peace agreement in the ME today.......Joey made a paper airplane in arts and crafts
  9. zeeman

    Oops New Mexico Governor blamed this on a right ring militia group and here it was self defense from the "peaceful protesters"
  10. zeeman

    Is the bear going to be poked into action?

    At the current rate of craziness by the Leftists in this country, do y'all think they will go to far?
  11. zeeman

    Star studded funeral and other musings Al effing Sharpton gave the eulogy? Kevin Hart was there? Also today, CDC was asked if coughing from tear gas could help spread corona. You can’t make this shyte up if you tried 😂
  12. zeeman

    Seems Democrat’s weren’t exactly honest

    [ And many on here fell right into their bullchit, US was the most prepared country in the world and the pandemic team was not all fired
  13. zeeman

    Trump highest approval ratings

    49% on approval and 60% on corona virus handling. No wonder a Joe is in hiding
  14. zeeman

    Pence and team are awesome!

    Watching the presser with Pence, Fauci et all. Very impressive, Trump deserves a lot of credit for assembling such an outstanding team
  15. zeeman

    You do realize?

    This virus will run its course and people will die. Mother Nature has her ways and we pale in comparison to her strength. Sometimes the herd needs to be thinned to strengthen the species. Sorry if you’re one of those about ready to kick the bucket but we all would have been better off to just...
  16. zeeman

    Yappi suspended indefinitely due to Covid 19

    Too much chance of people breathing on their computers
  17. zeeman

    Biden's brother in hot water, same as Hunter Where there is smoke there is fire, Uncle Joe and family are crooks
  18. zeeman

    Biden v Trump who you got

    I suspect by the time the convention ends the Dems will be united in their support for Biden. The MSM, Hollywood, Twitter etc will be non stop in their support of uncle Joe. IMO Biden will take the states Hilldawg couldn’t and win in a very close race. If the senate stays red the Biden era will...
  19. zeeman

    Will the Dems walk out?

    Will the Dems walk out of the SOTU speech? Will they even attend? My money is on a big showing of them walking out during Trump's speech. 50 million people watching, high quality TV
  20. zeeman


    Apparently firing cruise misses at US forces in Iraq. What should our response be? I say first of the three main oil refineries, what say you