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    D1 region 3

    I agree about Bradley. UA has qb injuries, if they get the #1 or #2 back then a game vs Orange would be a good one. Orange is well coached and has a solid defense, they struggle with teams who's QB's can run.
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    D3 Playoff Predicitions

    Sheridan vs London would be a good match-up.
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    D1 region 3

    The only upset that i can see from those seeds would be Gahanna over West North.
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    Official 2020 D2/R6 Thread

    How far can Avon go?
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    Springfield gives up a lot of points and has been to OT twice. This week they get another cup cake like last week Beavercreek(Horrible). I wouldn't be surprised if Wayne beat them if they meet again.
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    Are Freshman and JV teams allowed to keep playing games after week six?

    Will Freshman and JV teams be able to pickup games after week six when the playoffs start? Thanks
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    Opt in/out date.

    Info so far: Since Sept 17th is the opt in date< expect a decision after that date .
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    Anyone know the procedures on playoffs ?

    Thanks for all the info everyone !
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    Anyone know the procedures on playoffs ?

    How many teams will be in each region? Will the top teams get byes? If no byes will it be 1 vs 8 or 1 vs 16? Thanks, sorry if this posted somewhere , i couldn't find it.
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    will there be a postseason?

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    Week 2: Lancaster (0-1) @ Central Crossing (0-1)

    Upset special. Nice job CC
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    Dublin Coffman Rocks 2020

    Good report, how will the playoffs work for Coffman? When would they face Pick Central?
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    Freshman Games——-Week 2

    Any Cincinnati area scores?
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    2020 Massillon Washington Tigers Football

    Hows week three looking for Massillon ?
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    Division 1 Title

    Who's the best in Central Ohio this year?
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    IndianaMat Hoosier Preseason Open, September 12/13

    Great to this tourney back, it's always well ran and pretty darn tough.
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    First Set of Rankings for the 2020-21 Season (July 22)

    I think it will happen.
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    Live Streams

    I wish more schools would live stream, it's great for us old folks.
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    St. Charles football season has been suspended.

    Who's making these decisions over on Broad St ? Kevin Warren?
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    What H.S. coaches could be successful at a City League school and maintain being good?

    He always got hurt in the trenches. Amazing talent, and it always sucked that his teams got stuck at D1. D1 in his area is pretty darn tough. If he could have been D2 like Brookhaven or Winton Woods he would have gotten a couple of titles if you ask me. No city team will ever win a D1 state...