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  1. skins99

    Anderson Vs Troy Week 11 2019

    So any thoughts on this game..... wait I have been informed that this 118 year tradition is not happening this year. Best of luck in the playoffs Troy!
  2. skins99

    NCAA Regional Qualifiers With Ohio Ties

    UC is sending 17 to Jacksonville This includes Ohio Natieves Caisja Chandler from Euclid (AAC FOY), 100m and 200m plus 400R Faith Banks from Macedonian in the 400R Tiona Lattimore from...
  3. skins99

    Tre Tucker

    Damn shame they did not have a wind gauge at Woodridge. 10.41 is damn fast.
  4. skins99

    Region 8 Final: Winton Woods VS Anderson

    Skins99 is working on a Mayan curse for Miyan Williams. This should hold him to roughly 12 ypc vs his normal 867 ypc.
  5. skins99

    Region 8: Anderson (7-3) @ Kings (9-1)

    Not a lot of talk about any of the region 8 games other than the man thread so here is one for the Knights and Redskins. Interestingly Anderson has reversed their previous style of gun-slinging and ran the ball a ton the last few weeks.
  6. skins99

    Ohio All Time Wins And Losses

    Their was a thread for that project earlier this year and I can not find it. Can someone post the link if they have it?
  7. skins99

    Anderson Invitational 2017

    Field seems to be down compared to the past (at least for this old guy who competed in the 90's) Not a lot of high end results so far.
  8. skins99

    Rob Stoll Steps Down

    After 15 years and a heck of a job at Turpin.
  9. skins99

    Cincinnati Bearcats Josh Dangel All American

    Dangel finished 8th at the ncaa championship. Hurdler Somerville also has a good shot and is running in the semi's today.
  10. skins99

    Winton Woods District

    Heat sheets will be posted as soon as possible.
  11. skins99

    Mason District 2013

    Heat sheets are posted. first thing that jumped out at me is the 1600 meter. A seed of 430.60 would not place!!!
  12. skins99

    2012 Ohsaa Results

    Finals 1 Lancaster 7:47.12 7:44.88 10 1) Stephen Sparks 10 2) Jared Wentz 12 3) Jon Urbine 9 4) Brannon...
  13. skins99

    Dayton region 4

    Predictions, thoughts etc...
  14. skins99

    2012 FAVC Championship

    2012 FAVC Championship one more time before everyone goes their own way. Thoughts, predictions etc... FAVC Track and Field Championships This Wednesday and Friday The 46th boys’ and 35th girls’ final FAVC track meets will take place on Wednesday, May 9th and Friday, the 11th at LOVELAND for...
  15. skins99

    1998-2001, 2005 and 2007 Dayton Regional Results

    Doing a little research and baumspage does not have the results for those years. Does anyone know where i can find them?
  16. skins99

    Anderson Invite

    Coming up Thursday and Friday. I know Anderson, Glen Este, Kings and Milford will be there but not sure who else. I will be interested in seeing the distance results with what should be a good field in those events.
  17. skins99

    2012 Bearcats

    Thoughts, opinions and anything else.
  18. skins99

    2011-12 NKU Thread

    For my fellow Norse alum and other oddballs Solid start to the season having run their first 4 opponents out of the gym. Wont have a real good feel til they play the meat of the schedule.
  19. skins99

    Cincinnati Vs Louisville

    Any thoughts on the game. Im going to my first cats fball game since they joined the big east
  20. skins99

    Dave Middendorf drafted by the Royals

    Thought i would toss this on here for the lancer fans