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    Weird stadiums

    My parents live just up the road from there. I have always wanted to work a game in that stadium.
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    Division 2 HS around Columbus area

    Buckeye Valley has some talent and it would have been interesting to see how they fared in the new league
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    IUDOGS: 2019 - 2020 Ohio High School Head Football Coaches Changes

    Dominic Prologo has been tabbed as the new head coach of Warren JFK, replacing the departed Jeff Bayuk and per this morning's Warren Tribune-Chronicle
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    Officials pay?

    You've never stood behind a pair of linebackers in a 3-4 set, dodged a lead blocker and had to get out of the way of a ballcarrier on a draw play, while making sure you don't get stuck by a defensive back coming up behind you have you? It's not life or death by any standpoint, but guys get hit...
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    A “feel good” story from Central Ohio

    Outstanding work by Troy and by his family and team. Go Barons!
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    OK. I'm out.

    OK. I'm out.
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    Ask The Ref?

    There IS however a caveat on how an incidental face mask penalty affected the enforcement on roughing the passer, so maybe that is how the coach got tripped up. "Roughing the passer is 15 yards and a first down from the dead ball spot when the dead ball spot is beyond the neutral zone and A has...
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    Ask The Ref?

    Clearing things up here, The kick was ruled to be legal as it was secured by the holder before the kick. The kick was mishit and never got more than two feet off the ground. After a brief conference it was determined that the ball was indeed swatted out of the hand of the Bradley player (thus...
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    High School Football Rules Misconceptions - 2020 Version (originally posted in 2019)

    The options on this are to redo the entire play and allow A to kick again or to give B the ball where the whistle blew, since they had secured possession, thus ending the kick. If the whistle blows prior to B securing possession, the only option is to redo the play.
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    Best Running Backs from the Youngstown (Tri-County Area)

    Exactly right. This was an undersized kid but he could cut on a dime and accelerate before you knew he was there.