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    Who misses all those Colerain threads?

    What happened to all this Cards fans? That was some good entertainment. I can’t believe they all lost interest at the same time. Did something happen that i missed?
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    Darius Bazley invited to NBA Combine

    Cincinnati Enquirer Should be interesting.
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    Taft forfeits tourney game to Clinton Massie

    The SW district bracket says the game was a forfeit but shows a final score of 2-0. Anyone know what happened?
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    A rule change I think OHSAA should adopt

    While browsing the Cross Country page at the Kentucky High School Athletic Assoc. I noticed a rule under UNIFORMS that I believe is a good idea: E) UNIFORM ALLOWANCES PER NFHS TRACK RULE 3 1) All contestants in Cross Country shall adhere to National Federation Rule 4-3 as it relates to the...
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    Projections on team scores

    Has anyone done any score projections? Post them here.
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    No Lead is Safe in the 4x100 - amazing video

    It's state track meet time in Australia. :banana: This is hard to believe: 4x100 video
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    Finishtiming results ???

    Is anyone else not able to access the finishtiming page? Looks like their server may have crashed. Maybe it's just me. Very disappointing.:blush:
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    Tragedy at Track Meet

    Track official killed by jevelin: Story