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    OHSAA and potential FALL SOCCER changes....

    …..will be covered on todays LIVE Jed the Fish Show at 3pm. Text/messaging available during show - should be a complete train wreck! SPREAKER.COM= Search THE JED THE FISH SHOW.
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    The Jed the Fish show - summer edition!
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    Serious question #2

    ….another puzzling (to be nice) decision by the wizards at OHSAA- 3 out of the 4 regional final games are AT THE SAME TIME. Ummmm, just a thought but if you want to promote girls soccer, maybe make games at different times throughout the day to INCREASE ATTENDANCE!??? Lordy may pearl.....
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    DIVISION ONE = Medina 1, Walsh 0 (OT) AW 1, Strongsville 0 (pks) Olentangy Orange 1, Dublin Coffman 0 Loveland 1, Lakota West 0 DIVISION TWO= Copley 3, Chagrin Falls 2 Mansfield Madison 6, Oak Harbor 0 Granville 3, Norwayne 1 Alter 2, Monroe 1 DIVISION THREE= Kirtland 3, Independence 0...
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    Serious question

    Anyone have any idea why there are 15 sweet sixteen games TONIGHT, but Marysville-Orangetangy is the ONLY game tomorrow night???? Seems unfair to whoever wins that game with a day less rest and with the opponent coaches from whoever wins tonight being able to scout them tomorrow. OHSAA does it...
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    ……..the ONLY place to hear all of the CORRECT state tournament predictions from sweet 16 to Elite 8 to State semis and winners in ALL three divisions! LINK=