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    Playoff Week 3: St. Xavier

    Elder will not control the clock on the ground, Hambleton will have to be on his game.
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    Playoff Week 2: Princeton

    This was Hambleton's worst game this year...hope he got that out of his system.
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    Playoff Week 2: Princeton

    I think Elder will win, and I would not view it as an upset going by the Fairfield games. Now if Elder's 2nd and 3rd qtr. defense shows up, we may be in trouble.
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    Playoff Week 2: Princeton

    Looking at the Fairfield Princeton game, they run and throw equally and not nearly as well as Elder. In the first half they stopped Fairfield's run game but their defense against the run in the 2nd half looked like Elder's defense.
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    Playoff Week 1: Fairfield

    Football - Team Statistics Overall Offense Rushing Offense Passing Offense Receiving Offense Overall Defense Rushing Defense Passing Defense Receiving Defense 2020 2019 2018...
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    Week Five vs Walnut Hills

    I found the link but you have to sign up with a credit card. I tried to sign up with Visa and Master Card but I get the same error message says that I have to use Visa or Master Card.
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    Week Five vs Walnut Hills

    Since Walnut Hills will be doing a video stream does anyone have a link?
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    Elder Football 2020

    My son told me to disable peerblock and that worked.
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    Elder Football 2020

    Anyone else having a problem purchasing a video ticket for tonight's game?
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    Division 1 State Finals: Elder(12-2) vs. Pickerington Central(13-1)

    PC had a great pass defense, Elder did not.
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    Division I State Semifinal: Elder (11-2) vs. Springfield (12-1)

    Elder did nothing in the 1st half, and then came back and almost won the game in the 2nd half.
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    Week 10: LS

    The La Salle announcers kept saying that Ramsey would be Elder's quarterback next year. Do you think they have some inside information?
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    Week 8: Winton Woods

    I don't understand that call, the game was over. Ramsey knows WW can score quick. Why give them the chance of having the game decided by an onside kick, when the game was over.
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    Week 8: Winton Woods

    When it's 1st and goal at the 2 yard line with a minute left, why not just take a knee? WW had no time outs left. Why give WW the ball back?
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    Week 4: Elder vs. Lakewood St. Edward

    I understand St Eds has a good ground game, and Elder doesn't seem able to stop the run. Eds controls the clock and the game 28-21 St Eds.
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    Week 3: Elder vs. Clearwater Academy International(Florida)

    Maxpreps has Clearwater at 113 in the nation and Elder at 103.
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    Division I Football Poll - Week 2 (09/09/19)

    Yes, move them down to 5 and 6 and move everyone else up.
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    Division I Football Poll - Week 2 (09/09/19)

    Yes, they are 2-0, but I don't think X and Elder should be 2 and 3 in the state.
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    Week 2: Elder vs Indianapolis Cathedral

    With IC's inexperience on the OL and Elder's inexperience on the DL, will Ramsey be playing the OL players both ways a lot on Friday? If so I think the IC's QB will be running for his life.
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    Division I Football Poll - Week 1 (09/03/19)

    I just don't see Colerain at number 3.