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  1. TheDuq

    Apologies To My Yappi Friends

    Just wanted to let you all know I have Crow Stew in the slowcooker on LOW and to beat eaten all weekend. We are playing, I am excited, but cautious from a coach perspective. That being said, let's get this season going and finished with champions. My apologies to all of those I questioned and...
  2. TheDuq

    OIL Rumors

    Have heard from pretty reliable sources that a new league, all public schools, opting for playing in Spring is going from a tabled option to a reality. City Schools across the state (Lucas, Hamilton, Franklin, Cuyahoga, Wayne, etc.) are apparently behind it all and even more interesting Stark...
  3. TheDuq

    Confirmed Shutdowns + County\District Announcments

    Due to the other thread getting out of hand, let's stick to the facts and not people's opinions on the actual virus, but to the shutdowns, etc. 2 Probably a need for this, perhaps we can put the region and division schools are in as well, here's the current list of schools that have been...
  4. TheDuq

    Other States Changes In Season Updates

    Please keep politics away from all of this, just hard data. I think all of us would like to see a source of what other states are doing. Thanks: As of 7\21\20 CALIFORNIA- Moved To Spring DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA- Moved To Spring FLORIDA- Everything starting August 10th GEORGIA- Two Week Delay IOWA-...
  5. TheDuq

    News-Herald: OHSAA Needs To Delay Start Of Season

    Good read, everyone for the most part seems to agree with these points:
  6. TheDuq

    The real story behind the "One Week Trial Period" from Husted

    Well, we all knew something was up. Stolen by a post from another poster on the thread...all I can say is wow and this has NOTHING to do with Fall Sports.
  7. TheDuq

    #IWantASeason + Announcements Today

    I am pretty certain the announcement for any competition for the next week or so announced it can be played pending all teams are tested before even leaving for the tournament. That being said, if that's going to be a guideline for this Fall. No chance we play. Schools can't afford this...
  8. TheDuq

    It's Now July, Will We Play FB NEXT MONTH?

    Thought we needs some new poll results to look at, new thread.
  9. TheDuq

    The Covid Spread Explained...1 outbreak causing 45 others to lose games...

    Earlier statement I found to be interesting, let's take a look at a scenario; Wheelersburg has three players test positive for Covid after feeling ill on Oct. 1st, Thursday before a game Wheelersburg Games in past two weeks (5 programs directly affected including themselves): Sept. 18th at...
  10. TheDuq

    Confirmed Covid Shutdowns- OHIO

    Schools\Districts Shut Down as of August 1st for scrimmages throughout September: Akron City Schools Clark County Schools Cleveland Public Schools Columbus City Schools Cuyahoga County (All Schools, any details?) Gates Mills Hawken School Gahanna-Lincoln Groveport Madison Schools Hilliard...
  11. TheDuq

    Doom + Gloom Covid Thread

    If you are not into a possible reality that we may not have Football or a modified version of it, this thread is not for you, it is for those who have doubts that we may be in trouble this Fall Figured this could be a thread for those who are having doubts about this Fall still, such as myself...
  12. TheDuq

    Top 5 Programs in Central Ohio, period.

    Well? I got 2000-2020 1. Pick Central 2. Olentangy Liberty 3. Dublin Coffman 4. Pick North 5. Hilliard Davidson 2020-Beyond maybe contenders Westerville Central, Olentangy Orange, Olentangy Berlin, Hilliard Bradley
  13. TheDuq

    Spring Football Prediction // ThisWeek + Snodgrass Just read this article and here is my bold prediction(s) for Fall Sports, after reading about "Second Wave", "some sports could not play, and some will" and "everything is on the table" Soccer...
  14. TheDuq

    New Albany HFC Now Open

    Coach of 25 years resigns to be Dean of Students. This is an interesting opening if they don't hire from within.