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  1. The Infidel

    Week 2 2020

    Alliance is now Open Week 2. Bedford has backed out.
  2. The Infidel

    The Official NE8 Thread

    I think Alliance wins the EBC....
  3. The Infidel

    Will The Minerva Lions ROAR in 2020!!!!

    Will the Lions finally put it all together and ROAR in 2020!? New decade, new program, No 0-40 BS, solid experience back from last year. Chance Martineau is a good back along with Speedster Garrison Markins. Can’t forget about the Common boy too. People have criticized the Wing T but I think...
  4. The Infidel

    Favorite Defensive Scheme

    Well since some of us are former/current coaches and some of us wish to be coaches since we’ve been coaching from the bleachers for years now....What’s your Favorite Defensive Scheme? What Front and Personnel would you use? What about coverage? I’d like this to be a fun an enjoyable conversation...
  5. The Infidel

    The State of the Louisville Leopards

    I’m sorry but as a long fan of stark county football does Jeff “The Introvert” Twiddy belong in an elite state of stark county coaches? This guy is a clown. Not showing up to the WHBC voting and not having Goard on the team is BS! Bring back Paul Farrah!!!!!!!!