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  1. ICBM

    Girard at Niles

    No love loss here. Won’t be any hugs pointing at cameras or scoreboards with opposing players. Girard needs a win and could go as high as 5th or drop to the 8 spot. Lose and stay home. They’re down two linemen so that’s not good. DelGarbino has been improving every week at QB if he gets any...
  2. ICBM

    Week 5. Girard at South Range

    South Range hasn’t been shy about playing up the last few years so they won’t be intimidated by their NE8 schedule. But they will have some trouble competing week in and week out. Girard is one of the smaller schools in the league in numbers but their O and D line is one of the bigger groups...
  3. ICBM

    NE8. My Week Four Power Ranking. Things have changed!

    Another week in the books. Couldas an ifs thrown out and final scores are in. Here’s my opinion. Show me yours. Niles. 4-0. 2nd in D-3, Region 9. Not overwhelming but steadily doing their job. Girard 4-0. 5th in D-4, Region 13. Winning with playmaker athletes and a strong defensive...
  4. ICBM

    NE8. The leagues first season begins now. Power Rankings

    A new league. A good competitive overall league in all sports. But football is king. Who will reign at the top when week 10 concludes? Or will two or more teams share the throne? Heres my choices at the moment. “ICBM” NE8 Power Rankings After three games 1. Niles 2. Girard 2. Struthers 4...
  5. ICBM

    Weather delay dilemma. Do you finish the game?

    True situation over a decade ago. Team A visits team B. Team B goes up by 17 after a hard fought game. Lightning delay while team A has the ball with 7 minutes remaining. Delay lasts till 11pm and is called at that point due to continuing lightning strikes. Do you return Saturday morning and...
  6. ICBM

    D IV State Semifinal: Girard (12-1) vs Licking Valley (10-3)

    Next round coming up. What’s Licking Valley have.
  7. ICBM

    Region 13 final. Girard v Hubbard

    The rematch is on!
  8. ICBM

    Region 13. Girard / Perry moves from Lakeside to Niles.

    Lakeside is snowed in with 3-6 more inches due. They can not clear the field. The game will be played tonight in Niles. Spread the word.
  9. ICBM

    Lake effect snow hitting NE Ohio playoff sites.

    4-6 inches on the ground at Lakeside HS for Girard v Perry and more coming. Glad I just bought a new 4 wheel drive truck!!!
  10. ICBM

    Six inches of snow predicted for Girard- Perry game!

    Up to six inches of snow is predicted starting Friday night into Saturday for the Region 13, Girard - Perry regional semi in the Ashtabula snow belt at Lakeside High School. Can they plow that or would that destroy the turf. Sounds like a slippery night ahead either way.
  11. ICBM

    Region 13. Week 12. Girard 10-1 (5 seed) at Perry 10– 1 (1 seed)

    The rematch of the 2017 Regional semi final. Likely at the same location. Two similar offenses. Two similar defenses. Once again Girards opponent has played the tougher schedule. But I think Girard has proven they belong. Perry has a big speedy back in sophomore Anderson. A plus for...
  12. ICBM

    Region 13: Girard (9-1) @ Youngstown East (7-3)

    Week 11. Girard at East. First question. Will this game be played at Rayen. Can that stadium hold a playoff crowd. I guess 3000-4000 people.
  13. ICBM

    Week 10. Girard (8-1) @ Liberty (7-2)

    Another playoff game for Girard. Win and they may get a 4 seed and a home game after sitting at #14 two weeks ago. Last year Girard came into this game 9-0 to Libertys 7-2. Great expectations. Girard was a huge favorite. Things didn’t go as expected. The sequel perhaps? The Indians better...
  14. ICBM

    Have any Ohio teams ever gone to Canada to play?

    More and more Canadian teams are coming to America. It’s a good thing because it fills schedules. Not so good in the fact that they are usually large schools that give inflated points and are usually a pretty sure win. Have any schools ever traveled up north to play? And if they did, would...
  15. ICBM

    Challenge Game (10/19): Leavittsburg LaBrae (8-0) vs Girard (7-1)

    Week 9 - 8-0 LaBrae Vikings at 7-1 Girard Indians To say this game is big for Girard is an understatement. Neither team has had a real test other than Girard falling to Hubbard early where they made the best showing of anyone against arguabley the best team in the area. Two good quarterbacks...
  16. ICBM

    Post your Mahoning Valley Power Rankings

    Just my thoughts. Big schools 1. Hubbard 2. Canfield 3. Boardman 4. Harding 5. Mooney 6. Fitch 7. Girard 8. Poland 9. Struthers 10. East Small schools 1. LaBrae 2. Springfield 3. Western Reserve 4. McDonald 5. Liberty 6. South Range 7. Crestview 8. Southern Local 9. United 10. Valley Christian
  17. ICBM

    Mahoning Valley Power Ranking. Opinions?

    1. Fitch. 3-0 2. Hubbard. 3-0 3. Cardinal mooney. 2-1 4. Canfield. 3-0 5. Girard. 2-1 6. Poland. 3-0 7. Boardman. 2-1 8. Warren harding. 1-2 9. Springfield local. 3-0 10. Labrae. 3-0 11. Youngstown east. 2-1 12. West branch. 3-0 13. B c western reserve. 3-0 14. Mcdonald. 3-0 15...
  18. ICBM

    Just watched “We are Marshall.”

    Football season is here. Some say it’s just a game. They....are wrong.
  19. ICBM

    3rd scrimmage for your team? You’ll be payin at the gate!

    If your team is having it’s third scrimmage, OHSAA says it’s s JAMBOREE and you have to charge at the gate. $4 for adults and $2 for students. And the state gets all the cash! Any way to make a buck.
  20. ICBM

    Capacity of Twinsburg stadium.

    And where should l expect to park. Can you get close se or is that gone at 5:00pm?? LOL