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    Where is everyone?

    its so quiet this season, not a lot of discussion as in years past. Is everyone consumed with COVID discussions or is there just a lack of interest in soccer this year??
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    State Tournament Results

    Post final results: MMHS 1 - Little Miami 0
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    Live Coverage Venues

    What bars and restaurants in your neighborhood will be showing the playoff games live?
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    SWOC on Life Support

    With Little Miami leaving and Winton Woods with a new home, what happens to the SWOC? Do they stay afloat with 6 schools or do they add a new school? If they add a team, who will it be? Sycamore, Princeton, Hamilton, Middletown not sure any of these teams would ever leave the GMC... or do...
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    Region 8: Harrison (7-3) @ Troy (9-1)

    Home field advantage for Troy One common opponent - Vandalia Butler (Troy 24-0 & Harrison 42-19) Grass field with with wet conditions expected Troy run oriented team Harrison passing oriented With Harrison back to being healthy on both sides of the ball this will make for an interesting game...
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    Two sport athletes

    Soccer has now become a year round sport and clubs are punishing two sport athletes while colleges are encouraging it. For a soccer player playing basketball, the athlete is conditioning and training other muscles 5 to 6 days a weeks for 4 months. For soccer only athletes they're training most...
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    Harrison at Anderson Who wins?

    After Harrison's humiliating defeat to their Indy rival will they be able to bounce back against Anderson??? This is a must win for Harrison to have any shot at making it to the post season. If Harrison's offense can get back to the first few scrimmages and the first week of play I think they...
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    Kings-Harrison Scrimmage

    Harrison 20 Kings 14 (3 qtrs) My take: Kings: -Overall Good Size and Speed, well coached -#1 QB very good scrambler, he was a 1 man show in first half, didn't play second half -DL was very solid and held Harrison RB in check -#1 RB good but can't control his temper was removed from game -LB...
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    Who wins the SWOC?

    I think this year the SWOC champ comes down to Harrison and Edgewood again with Harrison winning it outright this year. Edgewood loses a lot of offensive talent and Harrison reloads with a strong senior and Jr class. Lets get the discussion rolling...................
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    Top Candidates for Mcauley....

    With the departure of Wallace, who's left out there to take on this loaded program?
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    Who are top rated shooting and training coaches that provide lessons in Cincinnati?

    Please provide top rated coaches providing lessons....
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    Best hitting and pitching coaches in Cincinnati?

    Just curious to see who everyone thinks are the top rated hitting and pitching coaches in Cincinnati. Go...
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    Mercury - New Soccer Club on West Side???

    So, another new club appears to be starting in the fall. The DOC from OE and TFA are in and apparently a couple of other coaches from OE, TFA are in... Not sure this will work out on the west side as consolidation of TFA, CW and FOSC should be the end goal but this could dilute the talent even...
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    Club Fees - Most bang for the buck

    I hear OE Fees for U16 coming in around 7k! That's a lot of college money being spent for a partial scholarship opportunity. Wouldn't it be better to play CUP, KH, TFA etc. for a fraction of the cost on a top team????? Thoughts.....
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    BBCOR Bats - Top Performers

    Whats is the best bat on the market being used today in HS baseball?
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    Why are High School Coaches Taking so Long to Form Teams

    I hear that LaSalle, Badin and Harrison have yet to select/cut their teams. Very strange after a couple weeks in. Are other high schools in the same boat this year?