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  1. said_aouita

    Trump to undermine his own FDA over vaccine guidelines

    Donald really wants to release something before the election, even if the so-called vaccine has not met guidelines.
  2. said_aouita

    Trump wants to get rid of ballots

    “We want to get rid of the ballots, and you’ll have a very peaceful — there won’t be a transfer, frankly, there’ll be a continuation,” Mr Trump replied.
  3. said_aouita

    Look out for cans of soup.

    Trump really is an idiot.
  4. said_aouita

    Russian fighter pilot intercepts US B52 bomber

    I'm sure Trump will do nothing.
  5. said_aouita

    Did Robert Trump die from Covid?

    What ya think?
  6. said_aouita

    Cincinnati is worst than Chicago.

    Saturday night shootings only - Cincinnati - 17 Friday and Saturday total weekend shootings - Chicago - 16
  7. said_aouita

    Trump's new wall

    Since he'll never get Mexico to actually pay for the wall, Trump built one around the White House.
  8. said_aouita

    Will you read Mary Trump's book?

  9. said_aouita

    Trump butthurt about not being able to lie as much on social media. "Trump and his campaign lashed out at the company after Twitter added a warning phrase to two Trump tweets that called mail-in ballots “fraudulent” and predicted “mail boxes will be robbed.” Under the...
  10. said_aouita

    Corruption of Trump and Barr after DOJ drops Flynn case.

    It's OK to lie to the FBI, apparently. "Flynn previously pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russia during the presidential transition in 2016, but later moved to withdraw his guilty plea and has been fighting the charges. In a court filing on Thursday, the Department...
  11. said_aouita

    Trump using the CV-19 pandemic to promote his own political interests

    Anyone get their letter yet?
  12. said_aouita

    Donald Trumps dozens of sexual assault accusations

    Figured since Biden has a thread on this topic, our POTUS deserves his own too. A few different links for everyone to reference on the subject.
  13. said_aouita

    KY has highest spike of cases after CV-19 protests

    Kentucky sees highest spike in coronavirus cases after protests against lockdown
  14. said_aouita

    Peyton's Places

    Anyone else watching this ESPN series?
  15. said_aouita

    Skinwalker Ranch

    Anyone else watching the latest show on History Channel? Do you believe in aliens, ghosts or other mythical beings? Found this interesting.
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    Below is a full list of the 40 representatives, who are all Republican, who voted against the measure: Brian Babin (TX) Jim Banks (IN) Andy Biggs (AZ) Dan Bishop (NC) Ken Buck (CO) Ted Budd (NC) Tim Burchett (TN) Bradley Byrne (AL) Ben Cline (VA) Michael Cloud (TX) Warren Davidson (OH) Scott...
  17. said_aouita

    If the virus is China's fault, now what?

    What should our leaders do to change how we deal with China?
  18. said_aouita

    Essential or non?

    Are you considered essential and still working? Are you non essential but still working? Should the CV stimulus bill pay everyone?
  19. said_aouita

    Date Asian Ladies online

    Best Yappi ad ever! Anyone click it?
  20. said_aouita

    How much for parking?

    Was a bit shocked with Northeastern Jim Murray Invitational (Formerly Buck Creek Invite) charging $10 for parking. Also curious if the 2000 meter Fun Run "open to the public" had an entry fee? Does that mean everyone pays $10 to park, and gets free entry in the 2000 meter race?