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    Asst. Coach Needed - Olentangy Orange Middle School

    Olentangy Orange Middle School, just north of Columbus, is in need of an assistant coach for the 20-21 season. Great group of young men, dedicated practice space and more. Please contact Coach Chris Wallace with interest at 614.940.6401or
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    Olentangy Orange Girls Pioneer Classic 1/9/21

    On January 9, 2021, Olentangy Orange will again be hosting a double tournament, with boys and girls varsity running simultaneously. Please email girls asst. with interest. Full teams encouraged, but individual entries are welcome. Girls Teams Confirmed: Cincy Aiken...
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    Girls Teams Spreadsheet for 2020-21

    Hey All- With this wacked out end of the season and school shut-down, I know many coaches are using some of the down time to recharge and look ahead to next year. I like to keep moving in times of uncertainty. Similar to last year, I'm sharing a statewide spreadsheet so schools can add...
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    2/12 Girls Dual: Orange at Marysville (6 PM)

    Head out to Marysville on Wednesday 2/12 for a girls dual. Both teams have good numbers and should be some excellent match-ups! This poster features Marysville 12th graders on their Senior Night, in a UFC style layout.
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    Girls Tournaments 20-21

    UPDATED 2/6/20 There are tons of school planning on jumping in with girls teams next year. We know that OHSAA is looking at when and how to add it, but for now, let's talk about what all girls tourneys are planned for next winter. Diversifying the field is important, so that the girls have...
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    Orange Pioneer Classic (boys and girls brackets)

    After a few years hiatus, Olentangy Orange HS is relaunching a double event, with boys and girls tournaments running side-by-side on the mats. Wrestling starts at 9 AM and will go to conclusion. Top two team awards and top four in each weight. First girls in-season tournament in Central Ohio...
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    11/16 Girls Open Tournament @ East (Cleopatra Wars)

    Columbus East HS is hosting CLEOPATRA WARS, a girls open tournament on November 16th. Tyler Brooks from OHSAA said all girls are clear to compete, as long as they DON'T have a scrimmage on the 15th. There are some cool awards and other stuff. Olentangy Orange will send a whole team....if you...
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    Needs Girls Duals 1/9 and 1/30

    Coaches and ADs Orange HS is looking for girls HS teams and/or combined teams (by area, district, whatever) to match-up with in a double dual with our guys team. We expect to have a full line-up, so plenty of matches to be had. These home dates are open. January 9 - boys vs Olentangy...
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    1/4/20 Olentangy Orange HS - Double Tournament (boys and girls)

    After a few years break, Olentangy Orange HS will host a varsity tournament on January 4th, 2020. Orange will field a full varsity lineup. Looking for teams, big and small. In addition, there will be a girls tournament run concurrently, in the same or aux gym (depends on amount entered)...
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    Olentangy Orange HS looking for high school girls matches

    Olentangy Orange High School is looking to fill a 10 point schedule as we launch our girls wrestling team. We expect to have 10-12 girls, all weights. One experienced wrestler but some decent athletes. Would like to find 3-4 duals. - Are scheduled to go to Lutheran West HS in January for...
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    LIVE: Olentangy at Orange (Beauty and the Beast)

    Tonight at 6:30, my broadcasting students will live stream our seventh annual Beauty and the Beast event, combining gymnastics and wrestling in one gym. It's completely student-produced with 3-4 cameras and some really cool content. Two ways to watch it...
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    165 Ohio State

    I keep going over this 165 business in my head. In one hand, you’ve got this blue chipper RS freshman who isn’t quite there yet. I think he definitely could be there. I think any of us who wrestled remember (or maybe we don’t?) how the tiniest deficiency can lead to a loss. Romero is obviously...
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    Wrestler's family in need...

    From our Olentangy Orange Middle School head coach, Brian Hipsher: "I am sad to report that one of our Orange Wrestling Middle school wrestler's father died suddenly on 5/31. Ian Jones-Carranza was involved and helpful with the middle school program - getting personally involved in instruction...
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    D1 Upper Arlington Sectional Discussion

    Teams: Upper Arlington Chillicothe Dublin Coffman Grove City Licking Heights Olentangy Orange Pickerington Central Reynoldsburg Teays Valley Worthington Kilbourne Thoughts on weights? I'm pretty out of the loop (outside of Orange) but have had eyes on Coffman and UA. Both are tough. Grove...
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    Upper Arlington Invitational - "The Spitz"

    Who you like and who you got? I'm out of the loop unless it's Central Ohio. Teams: Columbus West Grandview Heights Maysville Olentangy Orange Pickerington North Reynoldsburg Upper Arlington Vandalia Butler Walnut Ridge West Jefferson Westerville South Worthington Kilbourne I know West...
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    Olentangy Orange Crush Youth Wrestling

    CRUSH WRESTLING AT OLENTANGY ORANGE HIGH SCHOOL Brochure and signup link--> The sign-up fee includes: Hellickson League fees and insurance, all coaching, a new custom singlet, two training t-shirts and workout shorts. $175 - 1st child $150 -...
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    Beauty and Beast (Wrestling/Gymnastics) - Orange HS

    Tonight at 6:30PM, the Olentangy Braves take the short trip to Orange HS to take on the gymnasts and wrestlers in a spandex-heavy OCC competition. Gymnastics also will compete against Liberty. If you can't make it out, check out the OOHS broadcasting class live-stream the event, complete with...
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    Upper Arlington D1 Sectional - discussion, etc

    Already, this sectional has received universal derision for its perceived lack of depth. Yet, there are some talented kids andsome teams that are deeper than they might look on the surface. I see the top teams, in no order: Central Crossing, Upper Arlington, Orange and Teays Valley. But...
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    The Apotheosis of Alan Fried

    We've done this before. Have we, the 40-50 year old wrestling fan, elevated late 80s Ohio legend Alan Fried to godlike status? I still consider him to be the most dominant Ohio high school wrestler ever, but am I looking through a blurred lens? There are so many amazing guys that have rolled...