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    Any info on Upper Arlington?

    Always tough.
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    2020-21 OHSAA State Duals

    Individual tournament makes a ton of money. I think it’s #3 behind football and boys hoops.
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    Will there be a Wrestling Season for 2020-2021?

    I’d be supportive of moving seasons. I know not makes things tricky, but a little is better than nothing.
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    Asst. Coach Needed - Olentangy Orange Middle School

    Olentangy Orange Middle School, just north of Columbus, is in need of an assistant coach for the 20-21 season. Great group of young men, dedicated practice space and more. Please contact Coach Chris Wallace with interest at 614.940.6401or
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    Wisconsin To Add Girls State Wrestling Tournament...Ohio Next?

    Any schools interested in moving forward with a girls side...or even learning about how to combat some of the obstacles...fill out this form. Sanction Ohio is planning a coaches and AD seminar.
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    Wisconsin To Add Girls State Wrestling Tournament...Ohio Next?

    Bucksman - So, if it was sanctioned it would likely be a slow transition, where they could get to their 20 points however. But would eventually split all competitions. Once OHSAA takes it over, however, they could not compete in both post-seasons. However, ALL the other state's models allow...
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    NFHS rules interp 2020-2021

    It’s my understanding that girls or guys who wear the two piece compression gear will show in weigh ins with that gear.
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    Girls Teams Spreadsheet for 2020-21

    Lots of schools adding girls side and/or considering the process. For the best information to be available...whether through OHSAA, OHSWCA or a committee...we need the data. As coaches or ADs, you're the data point. Add team info to the spreadsheet below. There are also tabs for middle...
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    Adjusted Spring Sports Timeline - Starting May 2nd

    I saw timeline they released. Some sports would go into July.
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    new college wrestling program!

    Aurora College just added men's and women's for D3. Hiring coaches now.
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    Olentangy Orange Girls Pioneer Classic 1/9/21

    On January 9, 2021, Olentangy Orange will again be hosting a double tournament, with boys and girls varsity running simultaneously. Please email girls asst. with interest. Full teams encouraged, but individual entries are welcome. Girls Teams Confirmed: Cincy Aiken...
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    Girls Tournaments 20-21

    As posted elsewhere, update your teams data and/or plan for 2020-21. I know the shutdown is strange, but some of you are stuck at home, let's make some logistical progress. There's a tab to add events, too...
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    Girls Teams Spreadsheet for 2020-21

    I added another tab at the bottom for tournaments to be added. Update that, as needed.
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    Girls Teams Spreadsheet for 2020-21

    Hey All- With this wacked out end of the season and school shut-down, I know many coaches are using some of the down time to recharge and look ahead to next year. I like to keep moving in times of uncertainty. Similar to last year, I'm sharing a statewide spreadsheet so schools can add...
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    10 kids out so far at Claymont district

    I’ve always believe that ringworm should not disqualify in the post season.
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    Girls Tournaments 20-21

    7th-8th grade is middle school in Ohio, so I would think no, since we're following OHSAA guidelines seeking sanctioning.
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    Girls Tournaments 20-21

    Olentangy Orange Pioneer Classic is considering awarding a "composite team champion" award (both scores added up) to go along with girls team champs and boys team champs.