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  1. Lancer_Reups

    Elder Vs La Salle

    Should be a pretty decent game the first of may unusual Pit games Elder will have new faces while La salle has a lot of old faces Curious to hear your thoughts
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    Ok now since we are approved who wins the GCL? ill start it since pope francis is MIA
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    We have been Cleared for Launch( I believe)

    DeWine hasn't made an official announcement, but he said parents and school districts get to make the decisions about football, There will be a limit on spectators Possibly just parents and anyone close but I believe we have been cleared for launch, curious to hear your thoughts on how surprised...
  4. Lancer_Reups

    Massillon fans the Cowboys fans of Ohio

    They always hang on to those 24 titles even though they haven't won anything meaningful in 50 years who's with me
  5. Lancer_Reups

    Why football will happen this fall despite these recent developments

    If you believe that football may not be played in 2020 this might not be for you I along with the majority of the yappi community believe football will be played this season, and here is why * Despite cases rising death rates have gone down * Rarely having to travel outside the state no team...
  6. Lancer_Reups

    Teams that should have made the playoffs

    two teams that come to mind is 2019 winton woods which was probably the 2nd or 3rd best team in Division two that season I still think a healthy La Salle was better and 2017 Elder who got ousted by 4-6 Moeller
  7. Lancer_Reups

    Anyone looking for a week 3 opponent?

    Cincinnati La Salle High School is looking for a week three opponent for the 2020 season is there anyone that you know that is also looking for a week 3 team to play preferably D1,D2,or D3
  8. Lancer_Reups

    #5 Oak Hills (11-4) vs #2 La Salle (15-1) Saturday January, 25th at Bill Cady Court

    The Green township rivalry is on, playing at Bill Cady Court for the first time since 2015. La Salle should be favored on paper, but Oak Hills has racked off some nice wins through out the season. This game should be closest non-confrence game to a sell out, speaking how both schools are only 15...
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    It bothers me about how GCL schools like LaSalle don't like to travel well with their teams unless for confernce games, unlike GMC schools like Oak hills travel with their team no matter what why is that?
  10. Lancer_Reups

    Best Teams Of The Decade

    Which teams ha performed the best in the 2010 decade St.Edward La Salle Hoban Marion Local Kirtland Trotwood-Madison
  11. Lancer_Reups

    2019 La Salle Lancers

    The La Salle Lancers has a very solid camp over the summer. The lancers should have a solid offense with most starters returning for another go. The lancer defense is also a mix of experience and Youth, and a special team unit that can be deadly. This year it seems like the lancers are fixing...