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    Looking for these weight classes?

    Matt (330) 603-0415‬
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    Purler Wrestling camp.

    Anyone heard of Purler wrestling camps? Ran but Nick Purler in st. Louis Missouri? Any Feed back? Good? Bad?
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    (Logan Elm)

    What district they in this year?
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    what's best

    Hi was wondering what most of you have done for your kids and what's best? I know it's diff from kid to kid. Youth kid 3 years wrestling. Do you send him to camps take him around to open mats at diff schools enter him in open's over the summer? I'm kinda new to the sport and My son is really...
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    Does anyone know of anyone that does private 1-1 lessons for youth or middle school kids? thanks for any info or help.
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    New Coach For Perry

    With Dave Riggs Retiring after this year who takes of the Perry Panthers for 2015/16 season? I'm sure Riggs will have some say in the matter. Anyone have or herd who is in line to take over?