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  1. thavoice

    What are you watching?

    Stand and Deliver. Great movie from 1988. True story.
  2. thavoice

    Trends You Find Excruciatingly Annoying

    We would always make booze runs to Portland Indiana. Well worth it.
  3. thavoice

    Trends You Find Excruciatingly Annoying

    Hit up Gay's each time we stay at Lake James!
  4. thavoice

    What TV Shows do you watch on the over-the-air networks (NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox)

    Like the current run of shows and not those in syndicate? None. Trying to think of the last show I made sure to watch on network TV..........its likely 15+ years since there was a show on network tv I made sure I watched. Even on cable......, would have to say Sons of Anarchy. Got hooked...
  5. thavoice

    5-0 Wauseon at 5-0 Archbold Battle for NWOAL Title

    Good lil tune up for Archbold before they embark on their title quest as they would have to be the hands on favorite in D6
  6. thavoice

    Central Buckeye Conference 2020

    1? Way to aim high.
  7. thavoice

    Let's start a good thread. List something positive today.

    Then only 25%
  8. thavoice

    100,000 cases of coronavirus already in Ohio

    Flew this past weekend. They tried to ensure you did not sit by someone who was not family. Theu asked those who were to sit by someone if they felt comfortable with it. This one lady said yes. Them on the flight before boarding she asked if she could be moved so she would not have to...
  9. thavoice

    Let's start a good thread. List something positive today.

    Something good...? In Nashville this week for work so hopefully will be able to hit the sites for a little bit
  10. thavoice

    Let's start a good thread. List something positive today.

    A good father donates it all back to the organizations......ha
  11. thavoice

    Central Buckeye Conference 2020

    IL is where they are because of the defense, first and foremost. Offensively they are a bit, let's say, challenged. L
  12. thavoice

    Ask The Ump?

    Parents are the worst.
  13. thavoice

    2020 Cincinnati Bengals

    And in west virginia that can be the same person....
  14. thavoice

    2020 Cleveland Browns

    15-1 still in reach....
  15. thavoice

    Week 6: Anna (1-4) vs Coldwater (5-0)

    I think people are putting to much into it. Teams will first and foremost go out and comlet to Win. The. Game. Simple. Teams will pull their starters when the game is in hand.
  16. thavoice

    2020 Pittsburgh Steelers

    Some idiot schedule d a flight during the game . Saw it at half and the final...not surprised, looked like the run defense was stout again and the pass Def got their act together in the second. On to next week
  17. thavoice

    Midwest Athletic Conference 2020

    Wapak will mop the floor with them them. I have spoken.
  18. thavoice

    Do you rest some players week 6 to save them for playoffs?

    Approach the first half like it's as important as any other game...second half come out on the first series or two with your halftime adjustment s and...then....shift fire as needed and likely sit some kids a little earlier especially if you expect to make a long run.
  19. thavoice

    Week 6: Anna (1-4) vs Coldwater (5-0)

    That SH 60-20 game was played on beautiful Sunday afternoon after the Friday game was snowed out. The skins scored on a 4th and goal from the 40 in that one!
  20. thavoice

    Week 6: Anna (1-4) vs Coldwater (5-0)

    They are young, very young. With only 6 regular season games, one scrimmage and no 7/7s they need all the reps they can get. Anna coach should keep them in as long as he wants to get them experience. Most years.. I agree, get the young backups some reps, but on this squad those young...