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    Kettering Firebird Invite September 27th, 2014

    Could someone please post the meet contact information for the 9/27/2014 Kettering Firebird Invite meet? I cannot seem to find it anywhere. We want to try and send a team to the meet. Thanks.
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    Grade 1 MCL Strain Recovery Time

    Need some input from some more experience coaches. One of my kids was running about 10 days ago and stepped on a stick and twisted his knee. He finished the run and ran a couple of days after that before telling me. Trainor checked it out and called it a "micro" tear to the MCL and gave him...
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    Kettering Firebird Invite

    Anyone know the status of the Kettering Firebird invite? I know that the Stampede was moved to its typical date... I could have sowrn that I saw something on 9/29 weekend. Any other Cinci/Dayton invites that have JH races on 9/29 weekend?
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    Little Miami Panther Prowl 2012: 8/18 8.30AM

    The 3rd annual Panther Prowl will be held on August 18th at 8.30AM for the 5k race/walk. We are raising money for the Little Miami cross-country and track teams. We will also be having a 400m (up to 5y/o) and 1000m (5-10y/o) races for kids on the track after the 5k (roughly 9.30AM). The 5k...
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    Importance of Running when Young

    I was listening to BBC Discovery on the radio this weekend driving my kid to his grandparents and they had an interview with Roger Bannister (if you don't know who he is don't read anymore of this post). He later became a doctor, specializing in neurology. It was a lengthy interview, but the...
  6. R @ Wilmington College

    Are you guys hosting this CC event in late August this year?
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    Mason District: Day 1

    Is it just me or was the meet off today? The officials just didn't seem to have it together. False starts with no one DQ'd. Sprint times more than 1s off. On a psotive note, some really good races and efforts today from a GREAT many kids. The men's 4x800 was really good.
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    Daniels' rest between rep and interval sets?

    Question: What is the groups interpretation of rest between sets of reps and intervals? Is the rest after the last leg and then immediately start into the next set or is there some other period?
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    400m Pre-Season Training

    No experience training 400m runners. Any preseason and early season thoughts? A couple of them may also run the 800m relay if that helps.
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    Winter HS Long Run: Maximum Time

    For those building their base during the winter for Spring HS track, what time are HS kids running for toward an open limit for the weekly long run. This would be for experienced kids that typically run 50-60 miles per week. We have one kid that is running 12-15 miles and it takes 80-90min...
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    Girls D3 CC Individuals for 2012

    Looks like the Girls D3 top 4 went Fresh, Soph, Fresh and Soph and will be set for the next 3 years. What I talented group of young ladies! Great work!