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    Go Blue!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Warren Harding to host Michigan Satellite camp..

    on June 9th from, I believe, 9 am-12am!!
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    Michigan Football

    It looks like the mods deleted the threads about Michigan after the cheap shot about Jabrill Peppers but they are Ohio State's BIGGEST rival so let's see if we can keep it civil.
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    Let us never forget today is 9/11I

    I know this is off the subject of football, but it is so important we NEVER forget 9/11. God bless America!!
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    Massillon's Junie Studer passes away

    Junie passed away this past Saturday and the funeral was this morning NO ONE loved Massillon more than Junie. He was a great friend of mine and I am sorry I didn't see his obituary until this afternoon or I would have been at the funeral. Massillon has suffered a great loss. Please pray...
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    Warren G. Harding: Any news on who assistant coaches will be in 2015?

    Just wondering if any of you have heard anything?
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    Warren to honor Paul Warfield tonight To me, he is the most graceful athlete I have ever seen and has always been a gentleman.
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    Did Warren Harding back out of a Steuby contract?

    If so, why?
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    Players from Iggy who played for Michigan???

    Can any Iggy fan help me? I need to know what players from Iggy played for Michigan through the years. I know there have been some good ones! Any help would be greatly appreciated.