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    Week Five vs Walnut Hills

    @MikeDyer @walnutathletics is scheduled to host @ehsports in a Week 5 football game Sept. 25.
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    Vote for Elder's Ben Hambelton now!

    It closes at 5pm and he is in a close race and needs your one vote before 5pm
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    St Ursula Cincinnati Soccer Coach is OUT

    Dave Ruehl is out. Will be reported as resignation, but I am told minor issue with a player was blown completely out of proportion. Player/family went to administration and SUA fired him for it. If anyone else has more information, please share or PM.
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    If you get the Coronavirus now...

    It's been more than a week since the United States went into full panic mode. Schools closing, all extra curricular cancelled, work from home, etc etc etc. Am I correct the virus usually takes 5-7 days to present with side-effects? Shouldn't we begin to see significantly less people getting...
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    Will Ohio school children return to school this year?

    Curious what everyone thinks. In your opinion, do Ohio school children go back to school in April when "social distancing" is scheduled to end, or is August more likely?
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    Obama Swine Flu Question

    Can anyone confirm if this is actually true? Hard to believe. Appears to be some mixed opinions. “It took Barack Obama until October of 2009 to declare Swine Flu a National Health Emergency. It began in April of ‘09 but Obama waited until 20,000 people in the...
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    Rooting for LaSalle or not?

    I know, GCL, west-side, brotherhood, blah blah blah. When you are vying for the same students, it's about survival. I normally root against LaSalle in EVERY game. When they play X, I root for both teams to lose. I'm really torn tonight. If they were playing anyone else, I'd be rooting...
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    Division One, State of Ohio, Final Four: Elder vs Springfield

    Only four teams left. Haven't heard much about Springfield all season long. From the limited research I've watched, seems like they are very big, fast, and athletic. Stronger on defense than offense. Not sure how effective the Elder running game will be, but IMO Elder can pass on this team...
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    Three Rivers - Taylor High School

    I was told tonight at Elder that Taylor High School is now considered “failing” by the state. This means for the next few years anyone living in TRLSD and opting to go to another high school will be eligible and receive a voucher. Just like CPS. Big win for Elder and Seton especially.
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    Racial slurs allegedly made at Taylor soccer game By Michael Baldwin | October 15, 2019 at 10:49 PM EDT - Updated October 16 at 9:00 AM CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Serious allegations are being made about racial slurs used by the Taylor High School...
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    SW Ohio D1 Tournament

    So now that the brackets are out and the regular season is basically over, anyone have a prediction on who makes it out of SW Ohio. Like every year, obvious choices are Ursuline and MND. Ursula will be without one of their top contributors but still has the talent. Not sure anyone else can...
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    St. Ignatius priest has been placed administrative leave A priest from St. Ignatius Loyola Church in Monfort Heights has been placed administrative leave. The priest, whose name WLWT is releasing because he has not been charged with a crime, is...
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    Elder and the archdiocese

    Not sure what existing thread this belongs under, but months ago there was talk on this board about the value Elder gains from being part of the archdiocese. Cathedral High School in Indianapolis was forced to fire one of its teachers for being openly gay. The Indianapolis Star had the...
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    What about us?

    Article in this morning's paper about the crime uptick in the City of Cincinnati's Mt Washington area and how the city should be help the Mt Washington residents...
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    Facts continue to get in the way of the false narrative being pushed

    California police report almost no racial profiling Critics: Small numbers don’t represent reality SACRAMENTO, Calif. –...
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    Thoughts on St X drug testing its students St. X making a mistake on drug testing My alma mater, St. Xavier High School, is making a mistake by requiring mandatory drug...
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    The good news...

    With each passing incident that is eventually exposed as fake, turns out the United States is a lot less racist/homophobic/sexist then we are led to believe.
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    New Coach in the GGCL

    Seton hired Kelly Crowley as its new volleyball coach. Kelly runs/owns Tri-State Elite Volleyball Club in Cincinnati. Anyone have thoughts?
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    Moeller Head Football Coach Leaving

    Sorry if this was already shared in another thread I did not see, but Moeller's football coach is leaving. By: Mike Dyer items.[0].image.alt Photo by: WCPO file/provided by...
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    Kyle Rudolph - Elder Panther