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    8-0 South Range vs 7-1 St Clairsville

    This is an interesting match-up that is being played at St C. Div IV St Clairsville and Div V South Range lead their regions by comfortable margins. South Range has played a challenging independent schedule this year and has looked very strong. St C has gone 7-0 since an opening week 27-21...
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    State Championship videos

    I was watching the live stream of the DII championship on Spectrum Cable but had to leave for work before it was finished. I missed the boys 4x400 which was what I was interested in seeing. Does anybody know if there is a site that has or will have videos of the DII 3200 and 4x400?
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    Salem field turf and polyurethane track construction

    Construction has begun on the new field turf and polyurethane track at Reilly Stadium. A new, state-of-the-art scoreboard is also going up. They hope to have it finished for the Star Trax Run in late July.
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    Semi final broadcasts

    Will there be any live TV broadcasts of the state semis?
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    Mike Kopachy to lead Newark

    The Salem News reported today that Mike Kopachy was selected to be the new head coach at D1 Newark this upcoming season. He was offensive coordinator for Boardman this past season, and previously was head coach at Salem and Berlin Center Western Reserve. He was named D3 coach of the year in...