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    Who’s the best in Youngstown area?

    Smaller teams would be South Range, Springfield, JFK. Honorable mention to Leetonia, but they are not on the same level as South Range, etc. Fitch and Canfield so far for larger schools with Harding looming in the background. South Range vs Canfield this year would be very interesting.
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    The official EBC Football Thread

    Congratz Salem! Salem 29 Carrollton 28 Final
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    1990 OHSAA Division I State Championship | Warren G. Harding (13-0) vs. Cincinnati Princeton (11-2)

    I was lucky to see them in the playoffs against Boardman and both games at the Rubber Bowl. A friend that I worked with was a Harding fan and talked me into seeing the games, otherwise I wouldn't have gone. They were absolutely loaded with talent that year. When you can keep running fresh...
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    The official EBC Football Thread

    Marlington is always in the mix. I hope there is a season so Salem can prove that they are deserving of everybody's confidence.
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    What schools do you think should or eventually will consolidate?

    I always wondered why Sebring wasn't absorbed into the WB district when it was formed. Was it a tax reason? I've heard an urban myth that Sebring wanted the new high school in Sebring instead of Beloit. When that didn't happen they got upset and refused to become part of the consolidation.
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    The official EBC Football Thread

    According to the Salem News, WB and East Liverpool have entered into an agreement to play two games starting in 2021.
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    New Name for Washington Franchise?

    The Washington Neutrals.
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    Indoor Track & Field Meet @ Logan's Chieftain Center Sunday, January 5

    Damn! I wish we would have had indoor complexes like that back in the dark ages when I ran indoor. The closest we came to something like that was at a Slippery Rock University high school meet. We actually ran a lot of AAU meets on basically a dirt track that was in a horse show arena at...
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    A few years ago I was surprised to see Villanova athletes getting off of a charter bus in our store's parking lot in Boardman, OH. I asked them what they were doing out this way and they said they had been at Spire for the Big East indoor. They were hitting the numerous fast food places nearby...
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    Division VI - Region 21 Championship: Mogadore (11-1) vs. New Middletown Springfield (12-0)

    Congrats to Springfield! A great win over a perennial powerhouse.
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    Division VI - Region 21 Championship: Mogadore (11-1) vs. New Middletown Springfield (12-0)

    I was hoping Salem was the site; I could have walked to the game. South Range is as close to a home game that the Tigers could have hoped for. Although that probably won't matter to Mogadore. I'm sure they'll be more than ready. I'm a Mahoning Valley football fan but have always admired...
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    WK 12: 4. Trimble (11-0) vs 1. Springfield (11-0)

    Salem was the site for a Mogadore playoff game a few years back.
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    Mahoning Valley Playoff Thread

    Kudos to any bus driver that can make it to Salem from Poland High School in 31 minutes. Ideal conditions by car would be 31; I would add at least 10 minutes if traveling by school bus, more if they get stuck behind a slow moving farm vehicle, lol! I don't know what route they'll take, but most...
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    #2 Mayfield vs. #3 Akron Hoban

    Beat the rush and buy your tickets now for next week's state championship game.
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    Week 11 Struthers at Poland. Second week in a row.

    I thought last week's game would be a real barn-burner, so I decided to watch the delayed broadcast. Frankly, it was a disappointment. It seemed like both teams could barely get out of their own way. If they play that way against the top tier teams in the region, they will have trouble...
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    EBC The Game

    Salem played well on offense against Alliance but got the turnover bug in the first half. Two were deep in Alliance territory and one at the Aviator 30. A couple of scores early for Salem would have changed the complexion of the game. Marlington seemed to handle Salem better defensively early...
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    D4 Region 13 Playoff Thread

    The best scenario for Salem might be a match up against Indian Creek. The only team I can think of that may be similar to IC is Gnadenhutten Indian Valley, a team Salem beat in the playoffs a few years back. In a match up of common opponents, Salem beat E Liverpool 20-14, and IC beat them...
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    D4 Region 13 Playoff Thread

    The numbers don't lie. So far, the teams Salem beat were good enough to get them into playoff position. If you look at the stats from the Alliance game, Salem led most categories. They essentially outplayed Alliance, a DivII team. Unfortunately, they had three turnovers at the Alliance 1, 8...
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    Week 5 EBC Pick em

    Canfield - Probably has the upper hand in this one unless Alliance can put together a great effort. WB - Too much pride to lose to the Lions (but aren't we all secretly pulling for Minerva?). Marlington - Salem and Carrollton less than impressive last week. The Dukes are probably better than...
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    8-0 South Range vs 7-1 St Clairsville

    This is an interesting match-up that is being played at St C. Div IV St Clairsville and Div V South Range lead their regions by comfortable margins. South Range has played a challenging independent schedule this year and has looked very strong. St C has gone 7-0 since an opening week 27-21...