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  1. ELK Strong

    WK 4 : Centerville (1-2) @ Springboro (1-1)

    The Elks are limping into this game with a record of 1-2, and Springboro always seems to play their best against Centerville. Boro is well-coached and does a good job of exploiting the opponent's weaknesses. This game is a must-win for the Elks and its coaching staff. The Elks have struggled...
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    WK 2 : Centerville (1-0) vs. Springfield (1-0)

    This game will be very interesting. Last year, the young Elks had the ball down 6 points with 4 minutes to play in the 4Q vs. a dominant Springfield team at Springfield. The Elks are much improved this year and are playing a home game. There will be lots of talent on the field so it will be a...
  3. ELK Strong

    WK 1 : Centerville vs. Fairmont

    This game will be a tale of 2 offenses - Birds with the triple and Elks with the RPO. Last year, the Birds played a 3 man front & dropped 8 in coverage tempting the Elks to run, which we took the bait and got beat. My guess is we will see that defense again. Elks couldn't stop the triple last...
  4. ELK Strong

    Ohio State - 60,000 students vs. 100 football players?

    How can Ohio State control the environment of 60,000 students who come back to campus next week, but can't control the environment of 100 football players? The B1G Presidents are hypocrites!
  5. ELK Strong


    2020 will be the year the Elks get back to a top D1 program & state contender. They will be led by a good SR class, loaded JR & SOPH classes. 16 of 22 starters return including top 3 offensive players and top 3 defensive players. Positives for 2020 1. Elks return 9 of 11 offensive starters...
  6. ELK Strong

    WK 10 : Centerville vs. Springboro

    This season has been a roller coaster for the Elks. 2 losses, 4 wins, now 3 losses. Sitting at 4-5, the Elks can somehow get in the playoffs at 5-5 with a big upset over Springboro. Springboro has clinched the GWOC National and clinched a region 2 playoff spot. The Panthers are favored by 16...
  7. ELK Strong

    WK 9 : Centerville @ Northmont

    Playoff football starts this Friday. Both teams come in with 4-4 records and near must-wins to get into the playoffs. If Northmont wins, they have a 90% chance of making the playoffs. If Centerville wins, they have a 59% chance of making the playoffs. I am expecting some offensive fireworks...
  8. ELK Strong

    WK 8 : Centerville @ Springfield

    What a difference a week makes! The Elks were riding a 4 game win streak, but got punched in the mouth by Fairmont in a shocking upset. Springfield goes into Springboro and knocks out the Panthers to take control of the GWOC and Region 2. Elks are -21 point dogs going into the Thursday Night...
  9. ELK Strong

    WK 7 - Centerville vs. Fairmont

    Another fun rivalry week. Centerville seems to be improving each week and riding a 4 game winning streak. Fairmont limps into the game at 1-5, but has been more competitive lately. The Elks D has done pretty well against the triple option recently so I expect the same this week. Pasteur has...
  10. ELK Strong

    WK 6 - Centerville @ Wayne

    It is going to be a fun week with this thread. Centerville comes in riding a 3 game win streak with a record of 3-2. Wayne comes in at 1-4, but has played a tough schedule. Pasteur has Wayne favored by 2 at home. I think this game will be competitive. Pasteur has both teams projected in the...
  11. ELK Strong

    WK 5 - Centerville vs. Beavercreek

    Both teams come in at 2-2. Elks are riding a 2 game winning streak while the Beavers are riding a 2 game losing streak. Elks are favored by 7 by Pasteur. It should be an interesting game with WR Linkhart who played at Creek last year. The Elks still haven't put 4 quarters together...
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    WK 4 - Centerville vs. Miamisburg

    Both teams enter the game at 1-2 so this game is important to both teams and their playoff hopes. Can the Elks build on their momentum from the Dunbar win? Can the Vikes rebound from a tough loss to Springfield? I have not seen Miamisburg play this year but expect them to improve each week...
  13. ELK Strong

    WK 3 : Centerville vs. Dunbar

    The Elks are off to another poor start to the season and in search of a much-needed W. Dunbar, Miamisburg, and Beavercreek games should give the young Elks a chance to build some confidence and momentum. The Elks can win all 3 if they play like then did in the 2nd half of Lakota West, but can...
  14. ELK Strong

    WK 2 : Centerville @ Lakota West

    Both teams are coming off disappointing openers. Elks looked like an Elk in headlights vs. Fairfield. Elks looked like they were playing not to lose vs. playing to win. The offense was ineffective until last drive, and the defense didn't force 1 punt. I expected the Elks to be more...
  15. ELK Strong

    WK 1 : Centerville @ Fairfield

    Fairfield put it on the Elks 49-21 last year with Jutahn McClain (Kentucky commit) running wild with 437 all-purpose yards and 7 TDs. The Elks were only down 28-21 at the half last year, so it will be interesting to see if the Elks can compete the whole game this year. This is the 5th meeting...
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    D1 Cincinnati Region

    Lakota East (20-5) vs. Moeller (25-0) Springfield (17-9) vs. Centerville (21-5) These are going to be fun games. LE only lost by single digits to Moeller earlier and Springfield/Centerville split the regular season series. Predictions - Moeller by 10+ and Elks by 4. Moeller beats the Elks...
  17. ELK Strong

    D1 Dayton District

    Predictions? 1:00 Moeller vs Winton Woods 3:00 Centerville vs Mason 7:00 Lakota East vs Wayne/Fairmont winner 9:00 Elder vs Springfield I will take Moeller, Centerville, Lakota East, Springfield
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    2019 Centerville ELKS

    2019 Schedule 8/30 - @Fairfield 9/6 - @Lakota West 9/13 - Dunbar 9/20 - Miamisburg 9/27 - Beavercreek 10/4 - @Wayne 10/11 - Fairmont 10/18 - @Springfield 10/25 - @Northmont 11/1 - Springboro After coming off a disappointing 2-8 season, I expect the Elks to rebound in 2019. I am going to...
  19. ELK Strong

    2018/19 Centerville ELKS

    I haven't heard much noise about Centerville this year. Sitting at 6-5, they seem to be under-achieving based on what I heard about them. No quality wins unless you count Lasalle or St. X, but maybe a good loss to Springfield by 4. Any feedback?
  20. ELK Strong

    2019 GWOC Projections

    Since the Elks are out of playoffs, is it too early to start talking about next year? The new GWOC should be a powerhouse conference loaded with playoff teams. Here are the "way too early" projections. I think Springboro will be the best overall team, but the Elks will win the East with big...