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    Tiffin D1 Regional

    Who will make it to Columbus?
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    Tiffin D1 Regional

    Who will make it out?
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    D1 Tiffin Region

    This might be the weakest region for D1, but still some quality teams that will represent the region well at the state meet. Here's my early season rundown of who I think will get to Columbus this year. 1. St. Ignatius- Return a solid group of runners from last season, including Wagner who had...
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    TRAC Cross Country Preview

    Who do you think will be individual/team standouts in the TRAC this year? Lots of good individual talents and SJJ/SFS should be a coin flip this year. Here's my take on SJJ. I think SJJ should be a top 10 team in D1 this year. They return a talented, young core and will be interesting to watch...
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    2013 HH Wayne Basketball

    I will do everyone a favor and post this. There is no need for a thread on every game.
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    Top individual performances at State

    Top 5 individuals of the day from all 3 divisions- 1. Sam Wharton- 15:09 (Div 1 race) 2. Sam Prakel- 15:16 (Div 3 race) 3. Jacob Dumford- 15:17 (Div 1 race) 4. Cory Glines- 15:20 (Div 3 race) 5. Brian Brennan- 15:22 (Div 1 race) 6. Nick Elswick- 15:24 (Div 1 race) 7. Kyle Polman- 15:24 (Div 3...
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    TRAC conference Preview

    Looks to be another exciting year of TRAC basketball for the 2012-2013 season. Here's my breakdown of the men's teams this year. 1. St. John's Jesuit- Return the best player in Ohio (Marc Loving) and on of the premier guards in Northwest Ohio (Gardner). I expect this team to be lead by these...
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    TRAC championships preview

    1. SFS, is the heavy favorite, I don't see SJJ catching them this weekend. 1-3 is to much for SJJ to handle. Traditionally run their best meet at conference. 2. SJJ, is the only team that can come close to mixing it up with SFS, no one will contend with the top 2 teams in the TRAC. Looking to...
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    Week 5 Coaches Poll
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    OHSAA Pre-Season Invitational

    The kickoff to the Ohio cross country season is 4 weeks away. What teams are attending Pre-States? Who are your individual/team favorites for each of the races?