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    Will Winton Woods make the playoffs?

    I see 1 definite win left on their schedule. If they loose to the other 2 GCL schools will they have enough to get in?
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    Indoor Track & Field at Winter Olympics?

    Do you see it happening? I think it would boost ratings!
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    Will we get to 4 divisions

    There was a lot of talk about track being split into 4 divisions next year. Will it happen?
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    Cincy Pole Vault Exchange

    Is there a group or a page where the different schools that have pole vault can get together to exchange poles based on needs for the year? I have poles to trade for ones I need, lol.
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    Online rules meeting

    It's up for coaches to view. Any rules changes that you like?
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    Low blood sugar

    Asking for a friend. I have a friend who has a daughter that is running cross country this year. She gets low blood sugar. In the middle of a race she got low and didn't finish well. Mom was asking if she would be allowed to take gel or something from her mom during the race to replace the sugars?
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    Local Club teams

    I have a recently graduated athlete that would like to still compete, but he isn't going to college. Are there any local club teams in Cincinnati that I could direct him too?
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    How to get a new Track

    My track is in desperate need of being redone. We can no longer hosts meets which is costing us a lot of money. Our program may not survive if we can't find away to get it redone. Does anyone know if there is a grant program available to help out with this? It would be a shame to loose this...
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    Helmet Logo

    I was just hired as a head coach and I want to make an impression with my kids. Who sells the logos? I will be paying for them myself.
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    Numbers on the Jerseys

    Can we as a state finally vote to get rid of the numbers on the back. I see no good coming from them, just a chance to DQ an athlete.
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    League meets are gonna be a mess

    Lots of league meets are going to be very wet this week. If you have athletes that have state potential, so you sit them out to prevent injury?
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    Track spikes

    Are there any stores in Northern Cincinnati that sell replacement spikes?
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    Broken Record

    Congrats to my jumper Savion Brown for breaking Locklands school record in the Long Jump. He went 22' 3".
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    Online coaches meeting

    Have they passed, or can I still get online to do the coaches meeting?
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    Lockland Invitational CANCELED

    Due to the number of schools that have dropped as well as other issues, the Lockland Invitational has been canceled. We hope that the schools that have entered are able to find another tournament in the next few weeks to enter. We apologize for this, but due to issues beyond Locklands control we...
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    Lockland Invitational

    We will be hosting our tournament on January 20th and 21st. It is a 2 day bracket style tournament to help prepare for sectionals. If interested please email me at we always have a great mix of teams from Dayton, Cincinnati, and Kentucky
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    Rule for practice in the heat

    What is the rule for practicing when the heat index reaches 100°?
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    What school did he move to?

    Logan Konst was a terrific vaulter for Anna the past 2 years. What school is he at now? I was looking forward to seeing him jump again at Troy.
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    Long Jump Board

    Are plastic long jump boards legal? I had an injury to a jumper who slipped on one tonight. Just curious.
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    Lockland Invitational

    Lockland is still taking entries for our tournament on January 15th and 16th. It is a 2 day bracket style tournament in southwest Ohio.