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    Enrollment and division classifications

    The new numbers should be coming out soon. Does anyone see any key changes in divisions? Franklin, Carroll to D1 ?, Roger Bacon, Northridge to D2 ? , Dayton Christian to D4 ? They are all right on the border. Does the transfer penalty apply this year?
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    Dayton D3

    I got 1. Versailles 2. Bethel 3. Brookville 4. Northwestern --------------------------- contenders Dayton Christian Carlisle Stivers Preble Shawnee Anna Greenview Miami East
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    Miami Valley Conf 2015

    Since it looks like Eazy is still hiatus I will open up the thread to get things going for next winter. Who wins the divisions? Who returns the most? Who is rebuilding?
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    MVC football

    What happened to all of the posters? Everyone just disappeared....
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    Ncaa div3 vs Naia football

    In general which is better? Do they ever play cross over games??
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    youth pitchers

    Im sure you have reviewed this before. But when do you guys think the appropriate age to add: circle change, and or cut fastballs??? is 10 too young? thanks
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    Pitching machine question

    Has anyone tried the"Grand Slam Pitching Machine"? It works on a blower motor and uses golf ball size plastic balls. thanks