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    Yahoo tries to further control narratives by getting rid of comments section below their narrative stories.

    Apparently they didn't like anyone pushing a different narrative then the narratives in their news they did away with the comments section. They have your mind all to themselves now.
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    Yahoo is just horrible....

    Besides the every day Trump Bashing. (I'd like to do a study and see how many lead stories are nothing but an anti Trump piece....I'd assume maybe 75%), we have to have our kids be exposed to this crap... Really? does...
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    CNN calls out Tucker Carlson for mispronouncing Kama La's name...and the next day Joe Biden pronounces it the same way...Hilarious!

    Anyone else see that on Tucker last night? Not debate question....just had to laugh with others about this lunacy.
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    Kama La put 1900 people in jail for marijuana charges...admitted and laughed about smoking pot herself. Witch. The KKK has done more for african americans than she has.
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    Two Tulsa officers shot in the head after suspect is shot with a stun gun.. 15 seconds of news coverage by biased media. Criminal was asked 12 times to exit his car before the officers tried to use a stun gun. Fight ensued...convict pullled a gun and shot both officers in the head. Killing...
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    My 17 yr old son has no friends....

    I don't need the normal banter here on Yappi. I'm reaching out...I'm seriously bummed and worried as one could imagine. Is there anyone on Yappi that experienced the same thing in high school, eventually find a good set of friends?
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    A Facebook post by a lefty. Yes..they really are this stupid.

    A post from a FB "friend" Imagine this with me for a moment. A guy falls asleep after drinking. He’s in line for Wendy’s because he’s needing some late night greasy food. He’s been out with his friends all night and he’s super tired. He falls asleep. An employee notices and goes inside. They...
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    Prosecutor charging Atlanta officers.

    Amazing...a frikking mazing. If you are black, you can do no wrong if a white officer is involved. Charles Bronson, please come back.
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    Mumbly wants to remove confederate statues from U.S. Capital

    Nancy Pelosi is now calling for the removal of all confederate statues from the capital. Book burning next followed by the removal of all rap music that contains the N word.
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    How does BLM determine who's lives matter? Is there a chart?

    At what point do you matter?
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    Had anyone heard of the Wichita Massacre?

    No? There's a reason. Do some investigating and get back with me.
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    Obie opens up his big mouth....and as usual should have kept it shut. Just some more fanning the flames...
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    Ohio state fair canceled.

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! Lets just cancel Christmas.
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    Anti Church it again (Link to front page yahoo story above) Wonder how many people this person possibly affected at Menards? at walmart? Yep...but by damn, lets bring to light how...
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    Dems proposing 3 trillion dollar give away.

    Do they really think that will get Biden elected? They'll sell the soul of our country for power. The 2 trillion dollar stimulus wasn't needed. Another 3 trillion dollars of debt will kill this nation.
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    Is Coroner virus a lot like Genital Herpes?

    I've been thinking about this....I believe the two are a lot alike. You can have either and not show symptoms..and still pass it on.
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    Trump wants to send checks to every American?????

    For what? SO we can sit at home and look at it? I personally don't need it...I'll donate it to charity, buy guns or go to Vegas with it after it opens..
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    All OHSAA Tournaments postponed indefinitely.

    Per news outlets at St. Jonh Arena...all postponed to include regional boys basketball, state girls basketball and state wrestling. Are we going nutzo?????
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    Is there doubt in anyone's mind that the dems are happy the market is tanking?

    I highly doubt that. Happy...I bet you are happy.