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    Who's your high School All- Time Squad?

    Cleveland West The school closed/merged in 1970. As far as I can determine their last State Placer was Louie ‘Junebug’ Natale who won in 1961. Additionally, the sources I used are somewhat incomplete; sometimes only showing first and second. Also, I only saw a few of these gentlemen wrestle...
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    Who's your high School All- Time Squad?

    Nice idea. I'll try to take a shot at West High.
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    Who's your high School All- Time Squad?

    Thank you for doing the ‘heavy lifting’. Besides those you mentioned I would offer for consideration Chandler, Bertin, Walz, Hepp and Honeycutt. Additionally you have multiple times All-Americans such as Zack Thompson. Some of the recent wrestlers may also work their way into consideration in...
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    Xavier Recruits

    For what it's worth: https://goxavier/news/2020/4/3/womens-soccer-announce-incoming-class-for-2020.aspx
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    St. Edward 2020-21

    I don't recall that Joe Bryan was on that team. I believe the 4 that went to Columbus were Joe, Marty, Mike Buddie and either Vogt (sp?) or Roche. Joe and Marty were and continue to be unique.
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    Best All Time from NE Ohio

    Agreed based on what I could find after my post. However, I would offer the Burnetts and possibly Ryan Lang for consideration.
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    Best All Time from NE Ohio

    I would offer Kevin Randleman and Ty Walz. I also need to look up some of the Southview guys.
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    OFFICIAL: No wrestling state tournament.

    FWIT, Perhaps you can watch the current Grand Sumo tournament. It's being broadcast from Japan on NHK. You'll notice that there are no spectators. It's weird. In sumo the crowds are very close to the action - I would say that 2 or 3 times each round one of the wrestlers ends up in the...
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    Wrestler names 2019-2020 edition

    132 at Kettering Fairmont from Kings – Dzambulat Zam Tckhovrebov
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    ST. Edward (20-1) at VASJ (8-13)

    Well, I wasn't there and it seems you weren't either. I did talk to two friends who were there. They say that everyone played and the second half was basically all subs.
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    Ohio State line-up next season?

    Next year Gallagher will still be at St. Eds.
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    #1 Blair & #2 Wyoming at Ed's on Saturday

    The program showed six wrestlers for LaSalle. There were only three there.
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    Peppy Rocco

    Sadly, Peppy Rocco has died. Many of you may be too young to recognize the name. Among other things, he was a co-captain of the 1951 Cleveland West High wrestling team. This was probably the first nationally recognized team from Ohio. In 1951 there were only 10 weight classes. West had six...
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    St. Ignatius hockey

    Crew other than Ignatius - Shaker, St. Ed, Marietta (? I think). Probably some others. Lots of schools offer sports which were not available when I was in school - archery, fencing, volleyball, etc. There are probably some single school combinations - I believe University School has a Squash...
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    Walsh Ironman - discussion, etc

    I believe Eds is missing Delsanter, Hightower, Garcar & Kilbane. Also am not sure that they have 'selected' a 195 as yet.
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    Demas is also an Ohio guy.
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    St Eds Hepner commits to tOSU

    Not sure this is what you were looking for but: 1. The older Hepner is wrestling there now. 2. Palmer
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    Best incoming Freshmen

    Is Van Dyke at Walsh or Brecksville?
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    Some Honors

    Some honors for some Ohio athletes and coaches. Does also include boys.
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    Some Honors

    Some honors for some Ohio athletes and coaches.