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    If AG Barr's 4-page Synopsis is Covering up What is Really in Mueller Report...

    Back in January there was a piece by BuzzFeed that claimed that former Trump lawyer, known liar/ scumbag Michael Cowen said Trump told him to lie to Congress. This information was disproven by Robert Mueller himself one day later claiming this was unequivically false. So, following this line of...
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    Screw Who Has a New Stadium...What about Just Having a Football Field??!!

    I saw the thread about what schools will be playing in new stadiums this fall. To heck with that, The Akron Board of Education, in their all-knowing wisdom, is "supposedly" building the new Garfield High School but will not have a football field!! What in the world are these morons thinking...
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    Macy's or Kohls?

    Which do you prefer and why? Interested to hear the answers and how people validate their choices. There is no correct answer, either, I like both, but have my reasons for which I prefer.
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    Uniontown Green Football Opening

    Howdy- Doody all, Yappers, how is it going this fine time of year? Me?? Oh well, since you asked, I have been downing tons of shots and adult beverages to celebrate this wonderful time of year and I still have 2 weeks to go until Christmas and another week to go after that until the New Year...
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    Lake Vs. Green

    Lake has had a nice bounce-back season after one most Streak fans would like to forget. Green, on the other hand, has been underwhelming, to say the least. I have heard Green can move the ball, but they tend to pull an Ohio State when inside the red zone and get stuffed. It appears that Green...