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    Punter protection

    I recommend Trojan for punters. They are strong enough to provide the confidence you will be safe, yet has the sheerness and sleekness to keep the sensitivity at an extremely high level.
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    2019 Summit County Viking Memorial Pick 'em- Playoff Edition- Week 3

    Mentor vs. St. Edward Avon vs. Avon Lake Cuyahoga Heights vs. Lucas Aurora vs. Chardon Manchester vs. Kirtland Mogadore vs. Middleton Springfield Perry vs. Poland Game of the Week- pick winner and total points (tiebreaker): Hoban vs. Massillon (total points) 48
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    2019 Summit County Viking Memorial Pick 'em- Playoff Edition- Week 2

    OHH YEAH!!!! Gotta Roll With Tha Sliver!! Week 2 Games: CVCA vs. Perry Hoban vs. Mayfield Mogadore vs. Beverly Fort Frye (sounds like the name of a professional female golfer) Wadsworth vs. Avon Lake New Philadelphia vs. Aurora Streetsboro vs. Chardon Massillon vs. Massillon Perry Game of the...
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    Battle of Uniontown 2019- Lake Blue Streaks @ Green Bulldogs

    BSO- I think you have many relevant points, and I agree on many of them. But some I have to agree with your fellow Lake patron on here. You are too close to the program to be an unbiased observer. Case in point, you stated in an earlier post: "My response is to what I see. I come on here to...
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    Battle of Uniontown 2019- Lake Blue Streaks @ Green Bulldogs

    Man, I missed some seriously juicy stuff in the last week. I went to the game and as an outsider, this is what I am going to let you all in on: Lake has some pretty good players, and they are pretty well-disciplined. I have seen kids make great plays and I have seen them make bone-headed...
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    2019 Summit County Viking Memorial Pick 'em- Playoff Edition- Week 1

    Week 1 Playoff Games: Hudson at Perry Alliance at Hoban SVSM at Streetsboro Steubenville at Aurora Salem at CVCA Brookfield at Mogadore Solon at Canton McKinley Game of the week pick winner and total points (tiebreaker): Rootstown at Manchester (total points) 56
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    Div 3 Region 9 - Playoff Thread

    #8 Kenston @ #1 New Philadelphia #7 St. Vincent - St. Mary @ #2 Streetsboro #6 Chardon @ #3 Dover #5 Steubenville @ #4 Aurora
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    2019 Summit County Viking Memorial Pick 'em- Week 10

    Comet, I think Clark inadvertently forgot about you similar to how the Comets forgot to show up the last 6 weeks of the season. Coach Egan must have thought the season was only 4 games long.....not seen such a pitiful drop off in, well, ....ever. Very sad how bad they have been destroyed the...
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    Federal League Attendance at Benson Stadium

    Any crowd is going to look small when you have a stadium the size of TB. When one visits a normal-sized high school stadium like Lake, or Jackson, or North Canton, the stands are fairly well filled and the crowds are into the game. I am quite impressed wit hthe following the league gets. Of...
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    Week 10: Jackson (7-2) at Hoover (5-4)

    I have not heard anything, but is Ashby injured or something? Why else would he be considering not playing? They are still in the playoff hunt and would secure a spot if they win.
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    Battle of Uniontown 2019- Lake Blue Streaks @ Green Bulldogs

    Maroon & Gold, Where have you been for the last 15 years??? Green has not been very highly thought of at all over this past 15 year stretch. Welcome back to Earth, sir!
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    Uniontown Lake @ Uniontown Green

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    Uniontown Lake @ Uniontown Green

    Lake has no chance to get in the playoffs. While they have not been mathematically eliminated according to Joe Eitel, his site only predicts "max win out" which is if every teams Lake has beaten wins, which is not too likely, seeing as GlenOak plays Perry, Copley plays 9-0 Aurora, etc. LAke is...
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    Week 10: Jackson (7-2) at Hoover (5-4)

    I think Jackson will get the pressure needed on Hoover's passing attack to keep them off balance. Jackson will pound the ball and mix in the play action tomove the ball well against the Hoover defense, which is really not very good. Prediction: Jackson 35, Hoover 20
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    Battle of Uniontown 2019- Lake Blue Streaks @ Green Bulldogs

    This is going to be a pretty good game I believe, for at least a half. Green has some young talent, but I believe they will cave in as the game goes on as Lake will start to wear them down. I think I may make it out there to see this one. I just wish it was week 1 so the moms from both schools...
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    2019 Summit County Viking Memorial Pick 'em- Week 10

    Sliver knows that there is no Hope of catching the leaders this week unless I involve the Russians and Ukrainian Government, then go on a 3 year-long whining fit about how it was everyone else's fault that I lost this poll, but I will not do that because I can own my deficiencies! HEre they are...
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    2019 Summit County Viking Memorial Pick 'em- Week 10

    Clark, Lay off the Apple Crown and Cider!!! It sneaks up on you, brother!
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    2019 Summit County Viking Memorial Pick 'em- Week 9

    As usual, THE winning parlay is in bold: Week 9 Games: Cuyahoga Falls at Nordonia Twinsburg at Wadsworth Highland at Copley Revere at Aurora Barberton at Tallmadge Norton at Cloverleaf Coventry at Field- against my sane brain, Coventry has taken the proverbial dump on this season. Ellet at...
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    Federal League Picks Week 9

    Well, well, well. There was no Sliver of a Hope last week with Lake against Perry. Lake took it on the chin, the elbow, the keester and both knees. They took it in the kitchen, the bathroom, the stairway and in the half-bath. Ugly. On to this week! My excellent picks are in bold: Lake at...
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    Massillon Washington (7-0) at Barberton (5-2)

    Pizzaman, You did indeed pick the wrong joint to step foot into. Belgrade is so over-priced and under-whelming. I personally think Hopocan is the best one of them now. Whitehouse is good, but I find it better at the carry-out only location in Green. The people running that location are nice...