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    SW Ohio - Half Way Mark - Top Teams

    We’ve made it half way without too many major COVID stoppages. What are your thoughts on who sits atop each division heading into the second half? Mine are below D1 Top Teams in Order: St. X, Mason, Beavercreek, Centerville, Dayton Carroll, Loveland, Sycamore Big match up between St. X and...
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    St. Xavier @ Moeller

    Big GCL matchup tonight. Who you got? Is there a live feed to this game?
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    SW Ohio Early Front Runners

    Thoughts on early front runners for each division? Small sample size, but something we can actually talk about and not speculate on! Here are my thoughts D1 St. X seems to be at the top of the heap with two solid wins over East (3-0) and Anderson (6-2). Sycamore and Moeller battled to a 2-2...
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    Opening Week Scores

    Post em!
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    2020 Predictions & favorites

    Let’s try and get this back on track... Any thoughts on favorites for 2020?
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    2019 All Stars

    D1 Player of the Year: Parker Grinstead, Moeller Coach of the Year: Mike Welker, Moeller First Team Ben Damge, Mason Parker Grinstead, Moeller Cole Harter, Loveland Parker Crowell, Lakota East Connor Ammon, Elder Kade Tepe, Moeller Logan Ayer, Mason Andrew Blank, Springboro Trey Shetler, Turpin...
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    Club/HS Coaches

    Do many of the HS coaches coach club or is it usually a one or the other thing?
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    Cincy Teams - Best Chance at a State Title?

    Still 8 teams from Cincy alive in tournament play. Who do you believe has the best chance of playing in and winning a state title game? D1 Moeller, St. X, Elder, Milford, Lakota East D2 Wyoming D3 Mariemont, Seven Hills
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    OHSAA: District Final Match Ups

    D1 Moeller vs Mason Milford vs Springboro Beavercreek vs Lakota East Elder vs Centerville St. X vs Carroll D2 Indian Hill vs Monroe Alter vs Tipp City Wyoming vs Bellbrook D3 Seven Hills vs West Liberty-Salem Troy Christian vs Botkins Mariemont vs Greenon
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    Sectional Final Match Ups

    Now that the first two rounds are over, match ups are getting more competitive. Below are the stand outs. Post notes or predictions below. D1 #6 Milford vs #8 Sycamore #5 Lakota East vs #9 Turpin #3 Loveland vs #7 Elder #4 Centerville vs #5 Northmont D2 #1 Wyoming vs #3 Summit Country Day #2...
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    OHSAA TOURNAMENT: Round 1 & 2

    While many of the first two games are blow outs, there are bound to be a few close games and upsets. Which games do you think will be best in first two rounds?
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    Cincinnati Sectional Predictions

    Post who you think will get out of each sectional below. Aside each are what the sectional match up will more than likely be. First listed is the higher seed. D1 South 1 - Moeller/Little Miami South 2 - Milford/Sycamore South 3 - St. X/Kings or Anderson or Walnut Hills South 4 - Mason/Lakota...
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    Games of the Week - Maher Rankings

    Below are the games of the week based upon the Maher rankings. Make predictions if you’d like. Moeller v Elder Milford v Loveland SCD v CCD Wyoming v Madeira Some other games of interest Maher May have missed Springboro v Lakota East...
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    Top Teams: D1, D2, D3 Cincinnati

    D1 1. Moeller - Still yet to lose to a Cincinnati team the past two seasons. 2. Lakota East - If anyone can knock off Moeller it is East. Ties with St. X, Milford, and Moeller show they can hang with the best but can’t beat them? 3. Mason - Undefeated with wins over Centerville and...
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    Games of Note This Week - Predictions

    Below are the best games of the week in my opinion, in the Cincinnati area. If you have any I missed please add. Also, add in your predictions. Tuesday Elder vs. Fairfield Thursday Moeller vs. Lakota East Saturday Summit Country Day vs. St. Benedict's Prep Indian Hill vs. Milford Sunday...
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    Opening Night Scores

    Post Below
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    Cincinnati Polls

    Does anyone know when the polls come out?
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    Scrimmage scores

    Post scrimmage scores below
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    2019 Preseason Games/Favorites

    Post preseason tournament game observations and 2019 predictions below. Most interesting story for me is whether SCD and Moeller can repeat their success from last year.
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    2019 D1, D2, D3 Predictions

    The weather is warming up which means HS soccer is right around the corner. Who are your favorites or dark horses for 2019? My picks... D1 - Moeller, St. X, Anderson, Mason D2 - SCD, Wyoming, Indian Hill, McNick D3 - Madeira, Seven Hills, Roger Bacon