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    Invitational Race Formats?

    100 percent. I am not, in any way, vilifying Painesville Riverside. I'm just making an observation. It seems like a large race to start the season when we haven't really worked within the parameters of the protocols. Not saying it can't be done, or done well. Just being cautious.
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    Invitational Race Formats?

    700 athletes to start the season? Wow. At this point, I know a lot of teams, ours included, are being very cautious. I don't think I would bring our team there. It certainly makes me wonder about their night race, that we are registered for. If they are bringing numbers like that, I doubt...
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    8pm XC call with Governor

    Just a review of what to expect and a pep talk to make sure we are all encouraging our kids to be responsible. A little bit about limiting spectators as well.
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    Canceled XC meets

    Our school currently has an all sports or no sports policy for competition.
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    Canceled XC meets

    It will be nearly impossible to seed teams. I know what we have this year, but we may have precious few opportunities to show it. I'm sure we won't be alone.
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    Reclassification of XC Done!

    Isn't the testing only for contact sports? It would end the season for football, soccer and others, but if we're non-contact I wouldn't think it would affect us.
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    Update from OHSAA

    We just suspended all sports until further notice.
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    OHSAA High School Early Season Cross Country Invitational - August 15

    You're not wrong, but starts like that are very easy to get rid of if we are given parameters for the size of competition. My fear is that once schools declare they are virtual, they can't justify sports. I look at it a different way. Outdoor sports are much less risky than being in a...
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    Virtual Races

    You're not wrong, but at least some charities can still use races to raise money, and it can keep less competitive runners, the bulk of the field, motivated to train.
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    All Remote Learning for Columbus City Schools High School Students

    My guess is they could do it like football. Invite teams to the playoffs and have a bracket set up leading to a state championship. Dual meet strength and invitational strength aren't the same, and it would change things dramatically, but at this point, I'll take any sliver of hope.
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    North East XC District

    I was under the impression that East side would go to Glenoak, and West side to LCCC. That would send Trumbull and Glenoak to Glenoak, with Medina and LCCC to LCCC. Madison would probably be split. Just a guess though. I still think this is a terrible year to start this. In the event that...
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    NEDAB Announces New District Format

    Am I understanding this correctly that one site will host 10 races on one day? I apologize if I seem dense here, but doesn't that seem like a lot of people at one race site, particularly during a year that we will be trying to make crowds smaller. I also have memories of some of those Boardman...
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    Central Michigan University Drops Men’s Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field

    Wrestling has done the same thing. Shot themselves in the foot! In the quest to get the best competition for their top kids at all times, coaches have sacrificed the team aspects of their sports.
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    Best State Meet performances that you have witnessed - top 3

    Olivia Howell, 800 last year after winning the 1600.
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    Berkshire Invitational

    With Willoughby South and U.S. meets canceled or moved, I'm just wondering if more teams are coming to Berkshire. Anyone know who'll be there?