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    yellow card, leave the game question

    It is my understanding that a player must be substituted for when they receive a yellow card. Who is responsible for verifying that the actual substitution takes place? The player? the official? the coach? For example, suppose a player receives a yellow card, and makes their way to the...
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    Most cards issued in a game?

    No bashing of referees or teams allowed. I had the pleasure(?) of watching 8 cards handed out last night at a high school girls game, and I was curious if anyone has ever seen more. What's the most cards you have seen issued at a single game? I'm not sure I have seen 8 total given out in all...
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    Restarting the clock after stoppage in play

    What is the proper procedure for restarting the clock after there has been a stoppage in play (OH High School Girls)? I sometimes get 'volunteered' to run the clock, and I want to do it the proper way. I've seen it done two different ways. First is on the whistle. The second is on the...
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    Congrats to the Williamsburg Lady Wildcats

    Last night, the Lady Wildcats of Williamsburg were able to finish the season with the first .500 record in the history of the program (7-7-1). I recognize that this in and of itself is not necessarily noteworthy, but the way the Lady Wildcats accomplished it is. Williamsburg entered this week...
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    Congratulations to SBAAC softball

    Congratulations to SBAAC softball. D3 Sectional Champ CNE (Cincy Upper) D3 Sectional Champ Blanchester (Dayton Lower) D4 Sectional Champ Felicity (Cincy Upper) D4 Sectional Champ Williamsburg (Cincy Lower) Honorable mention. D3 Sectional Finalist Batavia (Cincy Lower) D2 Sectional Finalist New...
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    How many keepers?

    How many fulltime keepers does your club team have on the roster? If you have 1, how do you handle possible injury/unable to play in a game? If you have more than 1, how do you keep them happy? If 2, are they both satisfied with playing half of a game? Thanks.
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    Southwest Ohio U17 GK looking for team

    It looks like the select team my daughter plays for will not be getting together again next year. It was to be a U18 team (she was playing up), and the interest level isn't there from all the players. She is currently a junior in high school. She is a three year starter in goal for her high...
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    Donating Blood during season

    A general question. Should players be discouraged from donating blood during the season? If a player has a fainting spell after giving blood, should they be permitted to participate in a game that day? What about the next day? Also, should a drop off in performance be expected? Again...
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    girls shot/discus development

    What are some reasonable expectations for development for a freshman girl throughout her high school career in the shot put and discus? As a dad who'd never seen a track meet before this year, I have no clue what to expect. This is new to me. My daughter, as a freshman, picked up the shot and...