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    Who is their VP heir apparent and other questions.

    In the greatest fraud in American political history the Democrats have nominated a candidate for president that everyone is aware cannot fulfill the position because of mental deterioration. Although I really do not expect any of the following to actually be necessary, the powers in the...
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    Biden repeats lie.

    Biden repeats the "very fine people" lie, again. Actually Trump said they were "repugnant" and "should be condemned totally." Biden counting on ignorant people believing Democrat and MSM lies.
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    Should we get rid of ALL monuments of people who were not perfect?

    When we get done denouncing, cancelling, and doxing every human that turned out to be, well, human, who will be left?
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    OHSAA survey?

    Heard on a Toledo radio station that the OHSAA is surveying schools today about fall sports. Details were not available. Anybody else hear anything?
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    Supreme Court Affirms the First Sixteen Words Of the Bill Of Rights.

    Shocking, apparently.
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    The protesters in Michigan are not great optics for the Democrats.

    The Democrat governor of Michigan has done such a terrible job that the free people of Michigan have had to resort to protest and perceived threats of violence. The white governor of Michigan says anyone who complains about her performance is a racist. Weird that Democrats think they are...
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    Ohio schools closed until May 1

    Ohio schools closed until May 1. Just announced by DeWine.
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    Ohio's Stay at Home Order

    Since there is a lot of discussion about what it might say, and as expected, very little clarity in the news media ...
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    Living in the Age of the Coronapocalypse

    "I'll have the breakfast special." "Here or to go?" "Here, thanks." Scrambled eggs, one of those squares of hash browns, and mediocre coffee, but six slices of bacon, a toasted Thomas English Muffin with Smucker's grape jelly served on a real china plate with stainless steel knife and fork...
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    Celebrating St. Patrick's Non-Primary Day in the Age of Coronavirus.

    In a few minutes I am going to tempt one of the minor gods of nature and leave my house, support a small business owner and his employees by purchasing a coffee and donut, celebrate my heritage by adding a little American bourbon, and go for a walk in the park. If I'm lucky I will see an early...
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    I'm starting the clock. Who will be first?
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    Sunday's Democrat debate

    Sanders keeps talking about Ebola and Biden keeps mentioning SARS. What's all that about?
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    I don't hate Trump

    For the record, I do not hate Trump. I have long considered Trump to be a self promoting "donkey" and never understood his television appeal. I have said this a few other times on Yappi. But I do not hate him. He is doing a better job as President than I expected and I will definitely vote...
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    Who we supposed to vote for Tuesday?

    Biden would challenge Codvid-1 to a push ups contest, or to "go outside with you," like he did that Michigan construction worker. Although some see that type of behavior as a sign of "stability and experience," or "charming," I don't think physically threatening everything that disagrees with...
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    480,000 to 1.5 million US dead

    Read this from a conservative Trump supporter on Breitbart.
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    War candidate

    We finally get a non-interventionist, anti-war president and Dopey Joe wants to undo it. My fellow Americans, we have to once again lead the world. Donald Trump’s “America First” policies made America alone. ... make clear to our adversaries that we will stand fast in restoring world order...
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    The beginning of the end for Pence?

    tick-tock, tick tock
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    Fauxcahontas buries the hatchet.

    Like so many others, why did she ever believe she had anything to offer?
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    India: Who knew?

    I had no idea there were so many white supremacists in India.
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    New small school league in NW Ohio?

    I heard this rumor today. Anybody else hearing things? SBC Hopewell-Loudon Lakota Gibsonburg Calvert NBC Elmwood Woodmore TAAC Northwood Cardinal Stritch Ottawa Hills