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    Now 8 months of football instead of 4!

    With some schools playing in the fall and others moving to spring we will now have more football to watch over the next 8-9 months. I like it!
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    PTC County future

    Is there any info on the future of the remaining PTC County schools? We know Crestwood is gone after this year. Hearing Youngstown Christian is going their own way and a few other county schools may be joining another league. Not sure if any of this is true. Does anyone know?
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    Suburban League Opening

    Any insight on which school the Suburban League will pick up now that there is an opening?
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    Cloverleaf 1 Copley 0

    Colts looked pretty strong last night.
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    How is summer conditioning going? What kind of numbers in the weight room? Who from the former staff did the new coach keep?
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    Playoff tickets

    Can fans go ahead and purchase playoff tickets at the school now?
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    Just think..................

    Wadsworth could really give up 60-70 points this how times have changed...