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    Metro Athletic Conference - Week Five

    Field Streetsboro-Akron Coventry Woodridge
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    Metro Athletic Conference - Week Four

    Akron All Stars over Cloverleaf Ravenna over Field Woodridge over Springfield Coventry over Norton
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    Metro Athletic Conference - Week Three

    Field vs Coventry looks like it could be a good game.
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    Metro Athletic Conference - Week Three

    Norton Streetsboro Ravenna Field
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    Wadsworth at Stow Week 2

    AD's wanted to play the game. This is not on them.....
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    1. Cloverleaf 2. Springfield with the upset! 3. Ravenna 4. Streetsboro
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    Mike DeWine

    High school football will be played the last week of August. The question now is will spectators be permitted and if so how many.
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    Now 8 months of football instead of 4!

    I was being sarcastic. No way they play spring football
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    Now 8 months of football instead of 4!

    With some schools playing in the fall and others moving to spring we will now have more football to watch over the next 8-9 months. I like it!
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    Playing only league games?

    It is more about limiting the number of times to possible exposure. If you only play league games, you have reduced the number of times you exposed the kids to someone who may have the virus and still were able to play some games.
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    News-Herald: OHSAA Needs To Delay Start Of Season

    If one student in your school tests positive, will the health department require the entire school to be closed for 14 days...? This isn't just about a student on a team testing positive, This is a student that is in the school building around other students and staff all day as well.
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    Thanks for nothing, Governor

    I've always had the Governors back during this pandemic. But for as much anticipation many of us in athletics had for some leadership and direction, that was a huge letdown.
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    Dewine to Announce Football Decision Today?

    I can't believe I cancelled a root canal and proctology appointment to listen to that speech.......
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    Virginia has postponed high school football

    I would think Golf and Tennis would be ok. With Cross Country you have a group of people blowing snot and boogers all over each other while running together.....
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    Tim Stried OHSAA Interview on Football in Fall/Snodgrass/Racial Justice

    The schools are members of the OHSAA. The OHSAA is the governing body for the state athletic programs. The schools need an entity that has control, OHSAA, Governor, Health Department, etc., to provide leadership. If a school district decides to cancel sports they know their athletes will try to...
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    It's Now July, Will We Play FB NEXT MONTH?

    With the Governor mandating all staff wear masks and "strongly recommending" 3rd grade thru 12th wear masks in school, I will be surprised if anything other than golf and tennis get played this fall.
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    No High School Football 2020

    The Governor first stated they would decide on returning to school buildings later in the summer, then immediately began to lay out that he was not sure if it would be all online or a blended format, that told me he feels students should not return to the buildings. Just busing the student body...
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    PTC County

    My understanding there was no commissioner of the PTC.
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    PTC County

    What is this called? It is no longer the PTC County. Is it the PTC? County? what is the name of this "league"
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    Ohio Players Tryouts this Saturday!

    Highly doubtful there will be AAU this year.