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    Junior High Coaching Position

    Lakeview Junior High in Pickerington is looking for a head wrestling coach. This is a paid position. If interested, please contact Derek Oney @
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    Pickerington Invitational Tournament 1/9/2021

    Pickerington North will Host its Home tournament Saturday January 9, 2021. We are looking for additional teams. We are looking to expand the tournament into a bracketed format. If you are interested and have 2 points you need to fill please contact Derek Oney @
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    Keeping wrestlers engaged during this time...

    What are some things coaches are doing to keep their guys engaged during this weird time? By now we have been going hard during open mats and weight training with those not playing spring sports. Twitter and Instagram are great for contact, but what else? I'm curious. I miss my routine, I miss...
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    Season Length

    The season length has been a hot topic this year. Keeping momentum during these last few weeks has been tough, and I take pride in staying positive and energetic. It has been somewhat harder to stay energetized this year, this long. I want to see what coaches, parents and wrestlers feel like...
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    Getting sick of Pool Tournaments

    Is anyone else getting tired of the pool format? I just ran a tournament this weekend that was a pool format. The tourney went well, and ran fast, but there is just something about the format that I don't like in this part of the season. I understand how important it is to get kids experience...
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    OCC Thursday night Thunder Results

    I'd like to get some results posted here from the OCC. There used to be a running thread where we logged all results. I'd like to get that back. Pickerington North 53 Gahanna Lincoln 19 *Dual started at 132 106 Trout (PN) FF 113 Reed (PN) FF 120 Bomjan (PN) Fall Lee (GL) 2:32 126 Anderson...
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    Pickerington Invitational Tournament 1/18/2020

    Due to teams backing out late, Pickerington North High school is looking for 3 more teams to participate in our home tournament. We have a great field with a nice mix of DIV I and DIV II teams. The format is a 16 man double elimination format that will be run through baumspage. These teams are...
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    Pickerington North Looking for Youth Coach

    Pickerington North High school is looking for an experienced individual to assist our youth program. We need someone that will be able to work with kids on Monday's and Wednesday's as well as coach on Sunday mornings. This is a paid position, and includes the help of 3 varsity level coaches...