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    Thursday Final Scores - 9/17

    Lockland 47 CCD 20
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    Friday Final Scores - 9/11

    Lockland 23 CCPA 12 READING 13 TAYLOR 20
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    Friday Updates - 9/11

    Reading 7 Taylor 7 Halftime
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    Friday Updates - 9/11

    Lockland 16 CCPA 6 AT THE HALF
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    Friday Final Scores - 9/4

    Lockland 51 MVCA 0
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    Sectionals (Weight changes, Non-Entry, Etc)

    Why isn't Olivia Shore from Miami East wrestling?
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    Division III-The Final 64

    Clayton #2 should be Taft, not Mariemont.
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    SW District D2

    Hughes was still on E after a battle with Moeller
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    OHSAA - Enough with Mason!

    I wonder if Lockland put in a bid to host?
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    Missing final scores
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    Friday Updates (Week 7)

    Lockland 14 St. Bernard 6 Half
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    Friday Updates (Week 7)

    Wyoming 14 Deer Park 10 Halftime
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    Will Winton Woods make the playoffs?

    I see 1 definite win left on their schedule. If they loose to the other 2 GCL schools will they have enough to get in?
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    Region 28

    Love it when the high school kids find this website.
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    CHL 2019 Predictions

    Deer Parks numbers are down as well.
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    Indoor Track & Field at Winter Olympics?

    Do you see it happening? I think it would boost ratings!
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    Will we get to 4 divisions

    There was a lot of talk about track being split into 4 divisions next year. Will it happen?
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    Cincy Pole Vault Exchange

    Is there a group or a page where the different schools that have pole vault can get together to exchange poles based on needs for the year? I have poles to trade for ones I need, lol.
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    Online rules meeting

    It's up for coaches to view. Any rules changes that you like?
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    Low blood sugar

    Asking for a friend. I have a friend who has a daughter that is running cross country this year. She gets low blood sugar. In the middle of a race she got low and didn't finish well. Mom was asking if she would be allowed to take gel or something from her mom during the race to replace the sugars?