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    District Results-Centerville girls

    Rumor has it Centerville girls ran their JV's at the district meet (i know this is a tradition for them) but it backfired and they did not advance. Any truth to the rumor? They were 9th overall. How many teams advance from their district?
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    Week 4 Meets

    Week 4 looks interesting as the weather for the last 3 weeks was great in Ohio. Looks like it will be back in the 90's this week. Could effect times and courses... Michigan State Spartan Invite Many Ohio teams are taking the trip to MSU for this large meet with 3-4 races per gender. Toledo...
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    When does your team typically race?

    When does your team typically race?
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    Acceptable Number of Entries for a Varsity Race and/or JV Race?

    A lot of variables on this subject. With the onset of mega meets starting with Tiffin back in the 1980's, many, many meets have grown into large masses. Or terrible parades at times. Personally, I see no benefit of racing in a race with over 20 teams. Our conference meet is less than 20...
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    D1 Boys Distance 1600

    A little chatter on the D1 boys distance events. 1600- 18 boys between 4:16.34 and 4:21.61. Probably the most wide-open distant event in boys D1 history. At least the last 30 years that I can remember.
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    OHSAA Questionnaire

    TO: All OHSAA Track & Field Coaches and Officials FROM: Dale Gabor, Track & Field Sport Administrator and Director of Development for Track & Field Officiating You have been invited to take part in the NFHS rules-writing process by completing the annual track & field rules...
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    Does anyone else miss finishtiming? I go to these indoor meets every weekend and expect results to be prompt and professional. But they very seldom are even close. But outdoors we have finishtiming for almost every meet. If you have ever been to a meet with finishtiming-- and without--...
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    Indoor a Better State Meet

    With the talk about a team state championship in track, it got me pondering the set up of the indoor state meet. With the indoor state meet allowing THE BEST 24 athletes in each event to compete at the state meet, is this a TRUER representation of the best athletes? Obviously, it doesn't allow...
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    Sarah Berger NCAA Champion

    D2 Cross Country at NCAA does not get much love. Sarah Berger NCAA D2 Champion for Grand Valley State. 2017 she was 2nd overall. 2016-she only ran the regional and was alternate for NCAA championships 2015- medical red shirt 2014- she red shirted Wadsworth 2014 Graduate Her team won the NCAA...
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    NIKE NXR and State Double Dippers

    Just looking quickly through the results. Some crazy/amazing athletes ran back to back and did a great job. Taylor Ewert was 3rd Hilliard Davidson girls were 4th today and 8th yesterday at the state meet. Medina 7th today! They were 6th at the state meet. Olentangy Liberty 16th 17th Mason...
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    Vincent Mauri 14:54.80

    Vincent Mauri breaks 15:00 and is the fastest in the state right now! Undefeated this season with 4 wins. Has major race experience at Footlocker, New Balance and a 18th place at the 2017 state championship. 9:04 for 3200 for 2nd in the state beating Horter and Conant Smith. 4:20 for 1600 I...
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    JV Girls Runs 18:56

    Mason had a JV girl run 18:58 last night to win a JV meet. GHG Timing: Mason JV Girls Times of only the top 7 1 Brooke Harvey Mason 18:58.95 2 Manuela Capiello Mason 19:48.00 3 Megan Miller Mason 19:53.88 4...
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    14:56 for a boy versus 16:56 for a girl

    Male Conant Smith of Middletown ran 14:56 today at Voice of America. Second place 15:36. Female Taylor Ewert of Beavercreek ran 16:57 today at Northmont High School. Second place 17:42. Which is more impressive? Both are favored, in my opinion, to win state right now. Both are returning NXN...
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    Lane 9 in Track

    I know this is early, but I was looking at track data. Has anyone completed research in the data from the adding of lane 9? How many 'at-large' athletes/teams placed in the top 8? How many did not show up? How many 'at-large' athletes/teams impacted the final team scoring? How many 'at-large'...
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    9/29 Big Meets

    Let’s hear some big matchups this weekend. Midwest meet of Champions is the big dog this weekend. St.Xavier Invite Fairmont Buck Creek Pickerington Tiger Invite Stark County And out of state meets Lehigh Paul Short in Philadelphia And the newest race Nike Valley Twilight Meet at Terre Haute-...
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    Centerville Girls Lost

    When was the last time the Centerville girls lost a race? No talk about this. I am pretty sure they haven't lost since the state meet in 2013. That is 4+ years without a loss in Ohio. Has to be one of the longest streaks for a girls team ever. Just a 1 point loss. Beavercreek won, but...
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    Conant Smith

    Headed to Arizona State to be with another ex-patriot Cory Leslie. Hands down the best runner in the 2019 class in Ohio. When will Ohio State recruit the best?
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    9/22 Big Races this weekend

    Midwest Catholic Championships Saturday Night Lights at Centerville Malone Invite Strongsville Invite Tiger Invite @ Pick Central Anymore big meets this weekend? The big match ups the last couple of years occurred at the Centerville meet under the lights and the Midwest Catholic Invite-...
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    Trinity and Spartan Invite

    Big weekend in cross country approaching for the Midwest. Friday Michigan State Spartan Invite Saturday Trinity Louisville Invite Any news on what teams are attending arguably the 2 best races in the Midwest.
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    Girls 4x800 State Qualifying

    Fitch 1 Hudson 9:37.70 9:20.66 10 1) Cameron Bujaucius 12 2) Kalli Barrett 10 3) Brenna Beucler 9 4) Emily Akin 12 2 Solon...