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    Local College All Conference Honorees

    The following local ladies were honored by their various Ncaa conferences over the past few days: SEC Anna Podojil Arkansas 1st TEAM SEC/All Freshmen Team Indian HILL MA Vignola Tennesse 1st TEAM SEC ST URSULA Big East Maddie Thiss Xavier All Freshmen TEAM Sycamore American...
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    Sen.Sasse's Bill to Save Babies Born Alive.

    So what are your thoughts on this bill presented by Sen. Sasse yesterday to prevent killing a newborn after a botched abortion? 44 Dems voted no (3 yes). Seems pretty clear to me that everything should be done to save a baby's life...
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    So who signed letters of intent today and with who?

    D1, D2, D3, NAIA. Lets hear it.
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    2017 Women's NCAA Division I All-Ohio Team

    Gilles, Gorman 1st team. Lowell 2nd team. Gorman from McNick only Freshmen on 1st team. Congrats girls. Lots of Canadians LOL
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    SW Ohio Players of the Year

    D1: Rachel Ernst Loveland Runnerup: Paige Knorr Oak Hills D2: Sophie Gorman McNick Runnerup: Kayla Hampton Wyoming D3: Olivia Brown Ccd Runnerup: Chloe Masys Madiera
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    4 Major Sport Championship

    The thread about the Lake Erie Minor League team winning a hockey championship and the recent Pens Stanley Cup got me to thinking about recent titles in Cinn, Cleveland and Pittsburgh in the 4 Major Sports. Since 2000 the count stand at: Pitt 4 (2 Stanley, 2 SB) Cinn. 0 (nothing since...
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    King of the Hill, Tupin, Anderson, McNicholas

    So the first game of the King of the Hill Football edition will be played Friday, McNick @ Turpin. Any predictions, insight, how do the teams stack up/ don't hear much from Anderson or Turpin fans anymore. That can't be a good sign.
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    Division IV Region 14

    So is it the usual suspects Clinton Massie, Alter, Wyoming, McNicholas?
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    Graduation conflicts

    So what happens if Graduation is the same day as Round 2 game? Is OSHAA flexible in making a change? I would think this is fairly common this time of year. Meant to put this on the baseball forum...any football guys have an idea?
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    NSCAA All Americans

    A few Ohio Girls on this list:
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    D4 Harbins/Final Numbers

    I don't know if there is any significance to this but I found it interesting. When you look at the final (Joe Eitel) Harbin average for all Regions in D4 the top 4 teams in Region 14 are 1 thru 4: Alter 30.0 Clinton Massie 28.2 McNick 27.45 Wyoming 25.5 Benny 25.45
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    McNicholas @ Dayton Carroll

    What do you expect? I'm bias but McNick by 20. 35-15
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    9/15 Finals

    McNick 5 Mercy 2 Rockets now 8-0.
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    Top 3 Teams in AP D4 Poll all from Region 14

    DIVISION IV 1, Clarksville Clinton-Massie (11) 3-0 186 2, Kettering Archbishop Alter (7) 3-0 169 3, Cincinnati McNicholas 3-0 98 4, Wooster Triway 3-0 86 5, Chardon Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin 3-0 84 (tie)Steubenville (1) 3-0 84 7, Bay Village Bay 3-0 64 8, Johnstown-Monroe (1) 3-0 48 9...
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    McNick v. Turpin

    I saw a Turpin roster on their website and they had only 43 players listed on the roster. Is this accurate? How is this possible for a D2 school? McNicholas, I think, has about 45 and all I've heard is how small the roster is. It is down from prior years (usually 60+) so I guess that's the...
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    Div 2 Cincinnati

    Any thoughts on the seeds for D2 in Cincy? Taft gets the No.1?
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    Feb 5th Finals

    McNick 69 Loveland 48
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    Feb 3 Final Scores

    McNick 55 Taft 49 Rescheduled from any earlier "snow out"
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    Best Small Private Football Faciity

    I was looking at the thread regarding Competitive balance and there was some mention about Privates facilities. First thing that came to mind was that Moeller has no home field but they seem to be doing ok. What are the best Small Private home field/athletic facilities in Ohio? In SW Ohio I...
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    New Richmond 9-1 "no playoffs for you!"

    This is the 2nd time in recent memory that New Richmond finished 9-1 and didn't make the playoffs in D3. They play in a sub par league with bad D4 and D5 teams and some not so good D2 and D3 teams. They dropped McNicholas this year because they lost to them 3 straight times but this is exactly...